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ITA Wealth Management is a blog that espouses the virtues of saving, living a modest life-style, index investing, asset allocation, value loading, and portfolio rebalancing.  Readers coming to this blog understand the importance of saving and living a modest life-style.  If not, search for "The Golden Rule of Investing."  Index investing, particularly when it comes to using ETFs, may catch new investors a little off guard.  Continue to visit this site and index investing will become second nature.

What is value loading? 

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Portfolio Review of Kepler

Update of Kepler Portfolio

The following Dashboard screenshot was extracted from the Kepler TLH Spreadsheet.  Note that I am using a 20% Threshold with this portfolio and even with the tighter target limits, all asset classes, with exception of emerging markets, is in balance.  Cash is excluded.

No limit orders are currently in place for this portfolio.  Again, I am waiting for the debt limit to be raised before making any moves with this portfolio.  Fortunately, some cash came into this portfolio this month.  That provides a little freedom when it comes time to add to emerging markets.

Below is a slide of the performance of the Kepler with respect to several benchmarks.  When a portfolio is in balance, we expect the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the portfolio to match the ITA Index IRR value.  Such is the case for the Kepler.  This portfolio is also edging out the VTSMX benchmark.

Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.

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