Curie Portfolio Review: 13 July 2011

It is again review time for the Curie Portfolio.  In the following screen shot we have the asset allocation plan for the Curie.  This is the Dashboard worksheet extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet.  Several asset classes are still under the 25% threshold target as we have been patiently waiting for the market to retrace to where the ETFs of interest are priced to buy.  Yesterday I jokingly mentioned on a Forum that I picked up shares of SDS as a portfolio hedge should the debt limit not be raised.  In addition, buying the ultra-short ETF was added insurance the market would continue to climb upward.  That seems to be the case.

In the following slide we have the current performance data for the Curie.  As Platinum readers can see, it continues to do quite well with respect to its benchmarks.  Always keep an eye on the SR and RR values.  Those are the Sortino and Retirement ratios.

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Valuation Oriented Stocks

Screening for stocks based on several valuation models unveils 9 interesting companies.  Below is the screening criteria and the stocks that survived the screen.

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