Maurice Andre Plays Hummel, L. Mozart, Telemann & Vivaldi

The CD of the week features Maurice Andre playing Vivaldi, Leopold Mozart, Hummel, and Telemann. Herbert von Karajan conducts the Berliner Philharmoniker. You will find this EMI CD on Amazon. I was surprised at the high cost as I paid nothing close to the current price.  I recommend down loading this work rather than purchasing the physical CD. If one must have hard copies, with a little work, one can may find the four works on other CD's.  Be sure it is Maurice Andre on the trumpet. Below is the one Amazon review of Andre's work.  Check it out.

  • At first look, this disc may come as a surprise to you. Herbert von Karajan is not generally regarded as an accompanist, or as a conductor of baroque or classical-period material, yet here he is with trumpeter Maurice Andre in brilliant recordings of Trumpet Concertos by Hummel, L. Mozart, Telemann and Vivaldi. Another thing Karajan is not generally known for is the great recordings he made for EMI (and to a lesser extent Decca), as most associate him exclusively with the Berlin Philharmonic and the DG label. Many of his great EMI recordings have been released recently in the "Karajan Edition" series, but a few, like this title, have now been included as part of the "Great Recordings of the Century" series (though mostly his opera recordings). My only problem with this fine disc is that it is basically a straight reissue (aside from remastering) of the original vinyl LP, which means it only logs in at just over 45 minutes. But my dissatisfaction stems only from the fact that I am greedy, and would love to have had more to savor from this wonderful collaboration between Andre and Karajan.