Investment Articles of Interest

Two articles of interest to investors are the following.

  • The first article was written by Geoff Considine with the title, An Important Challenge to "Stocks for the Long Run.Jeremy Siegel is the author of the 'Long Run' book.
  • The second article is actually a transcript of a debate between Siegel and Zvi Bodie.  This paper can be found on one of my blog sites using this link.

Below is the QPP analysis of the portfolio cited in the Considine article.  I used the default setting of 8.3% for the S&P 500 so as to match Considine's assumptions.

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Schrodinger Portfolio Review: Second Quarter Update

Nearly a month passed since I last updated the Schrodinger Portfolio, a passively managed investment fund.  This portfolio still holds a few ETFs that were purchased approximately ten years ago.  About the only changes in recent months has been the addition of dividends.

I'm not too concerned about the three asset classes that are above target. When the political debate on the national debt limit is completed, I'll turn my attention to putting some cash to work.  For now I think it is best to sit tight.


The performance screen shot below shows how well this portfolio continues to perform with respect to its benchmarks.  To turn the Retirement Ratio positive, the return of the portfolio needs to exceed the inflation rate plus the withdrawal rate.

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