Bohr Portfolio Review: 29 June 2011

Bohr Portfolio Update

Reviewing a portfolio this close to the end of a quarter almost assures one that dividends will be missed.  Most of the ETFs report second quarter dividends on one of the last two days of the quarter.  Expect the IRR for the portfolio will be a little lower than the actual value.  This morning I did enter dividends for IDV, EIDO, and BKF.

The following dashboard indicates the Bohr is closely following the asset allocation plan.  I did make a Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) move by lowering the percentage allocated to bonds and income.  Limit orders to see have yet to be triggered.


The following screen shot shows the performance of the Bohr, a portfolio launched on 08/14/2008, a period when the market was still in free-fall.

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