Bohr Portfolio Update: 21 June 2011

Bohr Portfolio Review

This being the Summer Solstice, it seems prudent to review another portfolio.  This time it is the Bohr Portfolio, one of the better performing portfolios.  A limit order is in place to buy RWX to fill in the International REITs gap.  I also have orders set to see some of the bond/income generators as that asset class is being pulled back to 5%.  Several purchases were recently made on market pullbacks.


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Kenilworth Portfolio Update: 21 June 2011

Kenilworth Review

Yesterday was the scheduled time to review the Kenilworth, one of the young portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  Since the last update, a deposit of $500 was added to the portfolio and a few shares of International REITs (RWX) were purchased.  This is the first addition of international REITs in the Kenilworth.

We are still working this portfolio into the Strategic Asset Allocation plan laid out below.  When one builds a portfolio from scratch, we expect many asset classes to be out of balance for sometime.  However, it is much easier to put a portfolio together now that TDAmeritrade has so many commission free ETFs.  For example, the five shares of RWX recently added were commission free.  Had we paid $7.00 for that trade, I would not have made such a small purchase as commissions would be too high a percentage of the purchase.

As long as new cash comes into this portfolio, we will begin to slowly add to the asset classes that are under target. The following Dashboard comes out of the TLH Spreadsheet, the major portfolio tracking tool used for the majority of portfolios followed here at ITA Wealth Management.

The following screen shot shows the performance of the Kenilworth.  The IRR of the portfolio continues to lag both the VTSMX and ITA Index benchmarks. This is not too surprising considering the small size of the portfolio and the difficulty in setting up all asset classes.  Readers will note the dollar amounts are not all that different.

Pay attention to both the Sortino Ratio and the Retirement Ratio.  Both are close to zero.  The goal is to bring both into positive territory.

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