“Creme List”: June 17, 2011

"Creme List" for the Week

Twenty-one companies made the elite list this week and only Home Depot (HD) was cast to the sidelines after not scoring for 13 weeks.  No new companies worked their way on to the "Creme List."

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“Holy Grail” Portfolio: A Revised Look

QPP Analysis of "Holy Grail" Portfolio

While I hope to have the focus of this blog post show up on Seeking Alpha, here is an advanced look at what I've been working on for Platinum members. This is quite a strong portfolio based on QPP analysis.

Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.  Help provide capital for individuals starting their own business in developing countries.  Search MEDA Trust for more information.

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Using the Delta Indicator

Quantext Portfolio Planner Expanded

While I hope to have the following article published on Seeking Alpha, I am permitted to make it available to Platinum readers since it is not readily available free on the Internet.  Here is the article as I submitted it to SA.  Platinum members have see this expansion of the QPP analysis before, but I don't recall ever posting both extremes so one gains some confidence in the Delta calculation.

ITA Wealth Management readers know I am partial to building portfolios using asset classes rather than market sectors.  The reasoning is quite simple.  If one uses asset classes, all the different sectors will be covered.  However, if sectors are used to populate the portfolio, many asset classes will be missed, leaving holes in the portfolio.

And now for the article.  I hope the article will be available on Seeking Alpha by the time this goes up on my blog.

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