“Creme List” For 27 May 2011

Top Stocks

Platinum members can view the "Creme List" of stocks for 5/27/2011.  Stocks removed from the list this week are:  CVS, EXPD, CHKP, and SPLS.  It is unusual to see so many excised in the same week. No new companies were added to the list and an old favorite recaptured the top position.  Note that only two stocks are priced to buy.

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Mosaic Portfolio Lookback – 02 January 2008

Mosaic Portfolio Lookback

What were the signals at the beginning of the year – 2008?  If one examines the QPP analysis below, times looked great. Projected return was 10.45% or about 3.5% points above that projected for the S&P 500.  Yes, the projected risk or uncertainty is a tad over 15%, but the Return/Uncertainty ratio is a very high 0.70.  This is almost unheard of, at least in today's market.  Now check out the Diversification Metric of 53%.  Great numbers all around.

With these great projections, the market looked great.  But did it?  Go to the "Delta Index" worksheet available to Platinum members.



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Asset Allocation: A Look Back

Mosaic Portfolio Lookback – 10/1/2007

Asset allocation is at the core of our portfolio plans.  In the following screen shot, Platinum members see a generic portfolio that is Mosaic in nature.  By Mosaic I mean the portfolio contains both ETFs and individual stocks.  While this is not an ideal portfolio, it illustrates the points I am making over the next several blogs entries.

The following portfolio covers the U.S Equities market, smaller-cap assets, developed international markets, emerging markets, bonds, and several individual stocks.  Missing are commodities, international REITs, and international bonds as their historical records are too short for this analysis.  Before one gets too excited about the Return/Uncertainty ratio of 0.61, please note the data was captured over 10/1/2004 through 10/1/2007.  I began with October so I could include VNQ in this analysis.  All the fundamentals such as projected return, projected risk, and diversification look strong.  From the QPP analysis below, this looked like a good time to be in the market.  Was it?  Go to the second screen shot for another look.

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