“Creme List” for 20 May 2011

Two major changes show up in the "Creme List" this week.  One is related to the stock that jumped into the number one position and the other is the addition of a new company that never made the list.

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Newton Portfolio Update: 20 May 2011

In an effort to bring bonds and income into balance, I sold 300 shares of TLT at $95.251 this morning in the Newton.  In addition, I made a few small tactical asset allocation moves and one strategic asset allocation (SAA) move.  The SAA was to add International Bonds as an asset class.  I've put off this decision long enough.  I'll likely add this asset class to the Newton and Curie portfolios as many are too small to include international bonds.  At least that is my current thinking.

Below is the current Dashboard or asset allocation plan for the Newton Portfolio.

I reduced the allocation of bonds and income and shifted part of that over to international bonds.  I increased mid-cap value by one percentage point and added another 1% to international REITs.

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Portfolio From Hell

Perhaps the title is too strong, but why would any advisor or organization recommend the following array of expensive ETFs in the following configuration.  It is not unusual for me to run an analysis on a portfolio I find on the Internet.  In the analysis process, I hope to learn about a low correlated ETF or a combination of assets that show a high projected Return/Uncertainty.  Neither is the case with this portfolio.  One of the reasons for posting this analysis is to warn readers never to invest their serious money without doing additional research.  In addition to hard nosed analysis, use common sense.  Here goes with the analysis.

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