Stock Screening Service Coming

While this blog is oriented toward using index ETFs to construct portfolios, some readers spice up their portfolios by adding a few stocks.  These are known as Mosaic investors.  To cater to Mosaic investors, I am adding a stock screening service.  Send me your criteria and I will run a screen.  Stocks that emerge from the screen will be posted for other Platinum readers to see.  I will be posting examples before the weekend with a sample screen.


To gain access to these stock screens, become a Platinum member for the low cost of $5.00 per month.  Keep an eye out for a free trial membership.

Bohr Portfolio Update

Although a tad early for an update on the Bohr Portfolio, two limit orders were struck recently and I want to make readers aware of those additions.  As usual, the first examination is to view the Dashboard from the TLH spreadsheet.  Below is that screen shot.  The limit orders were for mid-cap blend, now in balance, and emerging markets, still below target.  The emerging market purchase was not the normal VWO addition.  Scroll down to see what ETF was purchased in this asset class.

Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.  Learn how to construct, manage, and monitor your portfolio.

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QPP Challenge

For readers using the QPP software, here is a challenge.  Come up with a portfolio that meets the following standards.

  • Include between 8 and 20 ETFs.
  • The projected return will exceed the projections of the S&P 500 by one percentage point.  As an example, I set my S&P assumption to be 7.0% so the projected return will come in above 8.0%
  • The projected risk or uncertainty is 17% or lower.
  • The Return/Risk ratio is 0.60 or higher.
  • The Diversification Metric is 40% or higher.

See if you can come up with a set of ETFs that meet the above requirements and post your results in the comments section.

Risk Management of Portfolio

Will your portfolio survive a three sigma event that is likely to happen over the next ten years?  Check out this link to see a sample analysis.