QPP Analysis of Curie Portfolio

Curie Review: Part II

Does the Curie need tweaking?  Is there a match between any of the under-target asset classes and ETFs that might be priced to buy? Taking the current ETFs and stocks held within the Curie, I did a copy and past of both the holdings and percentages and ran the following QPP analysis on the Curie.  It has been over three months since I last analyzed the Curie and it is important to examine the future projections of both the return and uncertainty values. In the first screen shot I use the last 36 months for the analysis.  In the third slide I use 42 months in order to include the market when it was near its 2007 high.  Pay attention to how this portfolio performed during a poor market period.

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Curie Portfolio Update

Curie Review: Part I

In addition to the normal portfolio update, today I will see if there are essential changes to improve this portfolio.  Below is the current dashboard for the Curie and readers will note the asset classes that are still out of balance. Of greatest concern is the Large-Cap Blend which is above target.  Keep in mind that 1.6% of that holding is held as a portfolio hedge.  Second in line of concern is Mid-Cap Value.  So far, these deficiencies have not hurt performance as the IRR for the Curie is leading the IRR for the ITA Index by 5.5% annually.

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