Kenilworth Receives Cash Infusion

Last week two cash deposits came into the Kenilworth permitting more limit orders to be set in an effort to bring the asset classes into balance.  In the following screen shot, readers can view the current Strategic Asset Allocation plan and where we are in the building process for this young portfolio.

Platinum members will recall, when this portfolio was launched, the plan was to build up this portfolio asset class by asset class.  Limit orders were placed for as many asset classes as permitted by the available cash.  In a rising market, many of the limit orders are still unfilled.  With the new cash I set two more orders, both at approximately 3% below the current price.  It will be most unusual if we do not see that type of correct sometime this summer.  In the meantime, we will patiently wait on the market to rotate and eventually capture some of our limit orders.

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Beginners Portfolio

Looking for a basic portfolio?  Check out this link as a possible starting point.

Research and personal experience show portfolio construction is the key to successful investing.  Portfolio construction contains two basic elements.  1) What asset classes to include as the building blocks for the portfolio?  For most portfolios, we include between 10 and 16 "bricks" for our building materials.  2)  What percentage should be allocated to each asset class?  The 10-ETF Portfolio provides a working example of what we are talking about.

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