Newton Portfolio Update

As one can see from the screen shot below, the Newton Portfolio holds a considerable amount of cash.  While there are limit orders set for many asset classes, the buying price is well below the current price so it is unlikely the orders will be struck until we have a 10% to 15% correction.  This is a time to be patient and not a situation where one should chase an advancing market.

Platinum members have access to the portfolio performance data below.  The Newton continues to hold a nice lead over the VTSMX benchmark.

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TLH Spreadsheet Change

I made a small change in the TLH spreadsheet by switching columns L and M.  I've attempted, without success, to make a short video explaining the reason for the move.*

When looking up dividend/yield information on Yahoo-Finance, they only give yield information for ETFs.  Therefore, I want to enter that information into column L and have Excel make the calculations for the dividend and estimated annual yield.  I just uploaded current spreadsheets, but not all have the latest correction.

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