MEDA Trust Update

This is a thank you to all Platinum members for your continued support of ITA Wealth Management.  If you did not already know, 100% of your membership fees go toward funding new businesses in developing countries.  As of this morning 251 businesses are fully or partially funded with your help.

This morning I made three full loans and one partial loan.  The partial loan went to a male in Nicaragua who is beginning a "Buy and Sell" business, not unlike the business woman in the photograph.  The three full loans went to women.  One is beginning a welding business.  Another is starting a clothing store and the third is launching a Grains business.

As loans are paid off, the money is reinvested in new businesses.  Thus far over $33,000 has been paid back and over $45,000 is still working in well over 150 businesses.

As Milton Friedman stated, "The poor stay poor not because they are lazy, but because they have no access to capital."  Capital is being provided to the needy through your Platinum membership subscriptions and I thank you.

Lowell Herr

Photograph: I snapped this picture with my camera held at the waist as I did not want the street vendor to know I was taking her picture.  This photograph was captured in Lhasa, Tibet.