Managing Finances

USA Today carried on the front page of the Money section the percentage of those who would rather manage their own money vs. pay someone to do the job.  Those who want to manage their owe finances is 59% while 41% prefer to pay for management.  Those figures surprised me as I did not think that high a percentage wanted to do the work on their own.  We are here to help that 59%.

Of those managing their own portfolio, it would have been interesting to ask follow-up questions such as, how well is your portfolio performing with respect to an acceptable benchmark?  What risk is involved and how is it measured?  That is also a good one to ask professional money managers.

The overall market seems to be rebounding indicating there is underlying strength to this market despite its "nose-bleed" levels.  This summer should provide a real test.

Photograph:  Street horse in Mount Dora, FL

Grandchildren: Diversify by Asset Allocation

Diversify Portfolio

Hint number nine is one of diversification.  Chapter III of Charles Ellis and Burton Malkiel's book, "The Elements of Investing" is dedicated to the topic of diversification.  It is difficult to pick up a book that supports asset allocation and passive investing without a section devoted to diversification.  Diversify all over the world.  Therefore, include VEU and VWO in the portfolio so developed international and emerging markets are covered.  Larger portfolio will also include international REITs.

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