“Creme List” for March 18th

Platinum members will find the current "Creme List" below.  CTSH was removed from the list as it did not make the top group anytime over the last 13 weeks.  One stock was added as I will mention below. 

Look for consistency and movement up or down on the list.  Some shifting took place over the last week.  This list is only for your "Bingo" money.  The core of the portfolio should be invested in low cost, tax efficient, index mutual funds or index ETFs.  My preference is ETFs as they are more tax efficient and frequently carry a lower expense ratio.

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Grandchildren: Educate Yourself By Reading

Read Only the Best Investment Books

This is hint number seven in this Grandchildren Series.

I could have easily placed this hint in position number one as advanced education by reading high quality investment books will save any investor from making many mistakes.

Search on this blog for the following authors: Bernstein, Ferri, Gibson, Swedroe, Swensen, Hebner, Ellis, and Malkiel.  Arnott is also worth reading.