Top Twenty-Five Classical Composers

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Top Classical Music Composers

When I first started to make a list of of my favorite classical composers, the idea was to limit it to the Top Ten.  I found that to be impossible so I expanded it to 25.  Even then, several of my favorites did not make the list.  Here is my selection of the top twenty-five classical composers and the first five are listed in order.  After that, the recommendations are random.

1. Beethoven

2. Schubert

3. Mozart

4. Tchaikovsky

5. Bach

6. Brahms

7. Chopin

8. Handel

9. Dvorak

10. Berlioz

11. Sibelius

12. Vivaldi

13. Telemann

14. Schumann

15. Bruckner

16. Corelli

17. Gabrieli, Giovanni

18. Greig

19. Haydn

20. Shostakovich

21. Holst

22. Liszt

23. Mendelssohn

24. Rossini

25. Rimsky-Korsakov