Semi-Variance: The Better Risk Measurement

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Updating Sortino and Retirement Ratios Risk Management

Users of the TLH spreadsheet will want to update the semi-variance calculation in the SR worksheet after the market closes and all the index data is available.  To make sure you have the latest data, wait until at least three hours after the market closes so all the benchmarks are updated. It takes time for all the data to be collected.

If anyone needs help with this process, let me know.  If you are not sure what I am talking about, do a blog search for semivariance, semi-variance, Sortino Ratio or Retirement Ratio.  Those four searches will bring up critical blog posts.

Water ETFs

Water ETFs for Portfolio Diversification

Portfolios constructed and monitored here on the ITA Wealth Management blog focus on broad asset classes.  We use ETFs such as VTV, VOE, VBR, VEU, VWO, VNQ, etc. as our primary portfolio building blocks.  On occasion we add individual stocks or ETFs that are out of our "mainstream" group of ETFs.  One area we branch into is water.  Below is more information on a particular water ETF and an article on the whole issue of water.

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Investment Advisor: Should You Use One?

Remember the little investment book, "The Investment Answer" written by Daniel C. Goldie and Gordon S. Murray and the five critical decisions each investor needs to make as they begin the journey of investing?  You recall that decision number one was the Do-It-Yourself Decision.  Goldie and Murray advocated finding a fee based investment advisor to help with the hard decisions.  Here is an article that agrees with Goldie and Murray.

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