Schrodinger Review

Schrodinger Portfolio Update

The Schrodinger is one of the long-running portfolios I track.  This portfolio was built over ten years ago using almost exclusively iShares, the ETFs of choice at that time.  The few stocks ever held in this portfolio were temporary additions with exception of one REIT stock that no longer exists.  Other than carrying too much cash and the under target situation for Small-Cap Growth, this portfolio is in good shape.  I just lowered the Threshold from 30% down to 25% and still all the remaining asset classes remained within the target ranges.


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Below is a snapshot of the performance data including the Sortino and Retirement Ratios.  I was not able to capture all the holdings in the screen capture, but readers get the idea.  If you want to see more, download and open up the Schrodinger spreadsheet.

We do not expect any of the portfolios to exceed the ITA Index benchmark as that requires the portfolio to remain on target in every asset class, an nearly impossible task.  Those that are doing better than the ITA Index are having a bit of luck.