Portfolio Review

Kepler Portfolio Review

The Kepler is scheduled for an update and from the looks of the Dashboard worksheet below, it needs a little attention.  I did make some minor 1% shifts in the asset allocation plan.  Those minor shifts did not throw anything out of whack.  I lowered the Threshold from 30% down to 25% to see if this moved any more asset classes into a warning situation.  There were no changes.

To bring the asset classes back into balance, I set Trailing Stop Loss Orders (TSLOs) of 1% for VUG and VOT, Large-Cap Growth and Mid-Cap Growth respectively.  When the shares of VUG are sold, it will also trigger a buy for RWX.  When VOT is sold, it will activate a buy for VO.  I also have a small order in for VTI to help populate the Large-Cap Blend asset class.  Close readers will note that I changed the term Core to Blend in several portfolios.  I've yet to make the switch in the Kepler.

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