Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Several Beethoven sonatas are recommended this week.  Specifically, the Philips recording featuring Claudio Arrau on the piano.  Here is one review from Amazon.

"This is a disc you should buy immediately if you don't have Arrau's complete Beethoven sonatas set already. Arrau gives truly superb renditions of these three sonatas: the Pathetique is stormy and dramatic in its outer movements and intensely peaceful at the center, his Moonlight sheds a new light on this too often played sonata, but the real prize of the disc is the Appassionata, where Arrau plays with more angriness and drama than anyone I've yet heard. Hear how he assaults the chords of the third movement! These three sonatas, especially the last, are Arrau's territory and it shows in all aspects. You'd best get the whole set but for a good introduction this single disc is indispensable."

I have a number of recordings that include the Pathetique, Moonlight, and Appassionata sonatas and I would find it difficult to recommend one over the other.  One reviewer found static on his CD.  I do not hear this on my Philips recording of these sonatas.