Kepler Portfolio Update

Below is the Dashboard or asset allocation plan for the Kepler Portfolio.  Readers will note a number of asset classes are either above target (bright red) or below target (purple).  I've made some shifts in the Strategic Asset Allocation and those shifts are the primary reasons this portfolio needs so much attention.  In a number of cases, limit orders are in place to purchase shares.  I do plan to sell off Large-, Mid-, and Small-Cap Growth assets and shift those assets even more toward the value side of the investing spectrum.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: 10th Edition

Burton G. Malkiel's "Random Walk" Book

Every investor should have "A Random Walk" on their bookshelf, ready to pull off, read, review, study, and read again.  Burton Malkiel gets it right.  Build the core of the portfolio using index funds or index ETFs.  If you want to sprinkle a few individual stocks into the mix, go ahead.  That is where the "Creme List" serves a purpose.  Take seven minutes to listen to the interview by going to the following link.