Asset Allocation for Newton Portfolio

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Newton Portfolio Updated

Today's calendar calls for a review of the Newton Portfolio, and by the looks of the Dashboard posted below, the portfolio appears to be in good shape.  International REITs are below target, but that should soon change as I just placed an order for another 100 shares at a price slightly below the current price.  As I am writhing this blog entry, an e-mail came in that my order was filled.  This order brings the asset class into balance when using the 30% threshold limits.  Were I to use a 25% limit, the asset class is still under target.

International REITs have not been a good asset class for this portfolio, or I purchased at too high price levels as the IRR value is down about 19% points.  This happens at times and there is no reason to panic.  International REITs throw off a nice dividend and those will be used to keep the portfolio in balance.


Platinum subscribers will note that the portfolio still leads the VTSMX by 2.6% points and the ITA Index by 3.2% points.  This gives rise to positive values for the SR and RR calculations.  I encourage subscribers to use the TLH spreadsheet to maintain their portfolios for several reasons.  The TLH provides the opportunity to construct a customized benchmark, and the SR and RR calculations are vital if one wishes to monitor portfolio risk.


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