Photo Show of Europe Trip

Readers interested in viewing a 19 minute show of a recent trip to Europe are welcome to follow the instructions below.

Stop if you are using a Mac as Photodex does not provide a viewer for their software. If Windows is running on a Mac, that will work.

1.  You must have a Windows computer as Photodex does not have a Mac viewer.
2.  Go to this site.
3.  Near the upper right is something called Sharing. Click on it and pull down the options.
4.  Click on Browse Member and you will see a box asking for Member Galleries. Type in "physlab" without the quotes.
5.  Nearly all my shows are available and you will want to look for the one called England.  It is the white sculpture from Portugal or the same picture found on this blog entry.
6.  If you have not viewed a Photodex show for some time you will need to download and install the latest viewer.  Follow instructions.
7.  Give the show time to "buffer" or download and when it does, you will begin to hear music. Before starting the show, right click the mouse and request Full Screen.
8.  Click on the center of the picture to begin the show.
9.  To exit the show before it is complete, use the ESC key.  The show is approximately 19 min long.

The better the sound system the better the show.