Retirement Planning Web Sites

Below are links to three sites that will aid you in planning for retirement.  These resources come from Vanguard, The Motley Fool, and Fidelity. Here at ITA Wealth Management, we also have a retirement planner, but we require more information than the three sites referenced below.

Here are the three references.

1. Vanguard site can be found here.

2. The Motley Fools site can be found at this location.

3. Fidelity's site is located at this URL.

While the three retirement sites provide useful information, the ITA Wealth Management retirement calculator takes into consideration the users portfolio, age, retirement age, projected living style, portfolio risk, etc. Our calculator is a Monte Carlo calculation where percentage probabilities are determined based on the current portfolio.

Dotted throughout this blog are examples of possible retirement portfolios and whether or not the savings plan and current portfolio are sufficient to sustain one in retirement. Of course our assumptions to not take into consideration catastrophic events such as a possible nuclear war.

Here is one site that will get readers thinking about what is needed for retirement.

To run out the ITA Wealth Management retirement analysis one needs to know what is contained in the portfolio. This includes ticker symbols and what percentage is invested in each ticker or company. Actual dollars invested in each stock or ETF are not needed. The analysis also requires age of investor, projected retirement age, saving rate, amount currently saved, inflation rate, and dollars needed to live on in retirement (measured in today's dollars). Readers interested in such an analysis can ask for retirement projection. If you would rather not provided this detail of information, just request a sample analysis and I can put one together. Or make up some general figures and I can run out a general analysis.


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