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The Case for Indexing

If any ITA readers need additional evidence for building portfolios using a core of index instruments, be sure to read a few of the Ten Top Investment books recommend on this site and extract this PDF file off the Internet.  Go to the link provided and look for the PDF link.  This Vanguard paper titled, The Case for Indexing is written by Christopher B. Phillips, CFA. There are many … [Read More...]

Investment Book: Short Yet Essential

The Investment Answer Daniel C. Goldie and Gordon S. Murray have written a concise investment book of 80 pages that covers all the basic. What is unusual is that in this little book, Murray advocates a different (passive) investing style than the one he used to build his 25-year career. Here are a few references touting this book. Daily Finance PR Newswire Business … [Read More...]

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Curie Portfolio Review: 8 March 2012

It is again time to update the Curie Portfolio so we once more begin with the Dashboard, the worksheet extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet.  For new readers, the Dashboard is the Strategic Asset Allocation plan for the portfolio.  ITA readers will note the portfolio is skewed or tilted toward the value side of the investing spectrum.  Since the last update, I made a few minor 1% … [Read More...]

Kepler Portfolio Update: 10 July 2012

Kepler Portfolio Review for July The Kepler Portfolio review time is here and little action other than some cash flowing in and out of the portfolio took place over the last 30 days.  A number of dividends from BND, TLT, EMB, and TIP were recorded.  Although the Kepler is not one of the primary ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios, I am applying some of the timing techniques to various … [Read More...]

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Active vs. Passive Investing: Part 10

Section Ten of the Active vs. Passive Investing paper begins with this quote.  "Show me a system that will consistently outperform the index...then we'll see."  The author has it correct - there is no such system, particularly for active investors.  Index or passive investors are asking the wrong question if they are looking for active investors to come up with a … [Read More...]

Optimized Mosaic Portfolio

While the following portfolio is not exactly one of the eleven portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management, there are many similar ingredients.  To create this portfolio I selected 26 ETFs that are frequently part of at least one ITA portfolio.  Familiar ETFs such as VTI, VEU, VWO, DVY, VTV, IWN, VOE, VOT, VNQ, RWX, etc. are among the 26 ETFs.  Nine (9) bond ETFs were in the group, but most … [Read More...]

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Risk Reduction Model: Examination of Maxwell

Today is ITA Risk Reduction examination day for the Maxwell Portfolio. … [Read More...]

All Bullish Percent Indicators Are Under Control of the Defense

This week not one Bullish Percent Index managed to move or remain in the hands of the offensive team.  The markets, be they broad or sector, succumbed to the downward trend and turned negative.  In several cases the numerical value of PnF graphs moved the dial out of the over-bought range.  This is something we have been anticipating for several weeks. This information is not available for … [Read More...]