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William J. Bernstein Quotes

If you enjoy reading quotes as much as I do, check these out. I thought pulling out a few choice quotes from William Bernstein’s latest book, “The Investor’s Manifesto” would be of interest to readers.  For your reading pleasure on a Saturday afternoon. “For the past 200 years things have always worked out well in the long run for the owners of U.S. stocks. … [Read More...]

Ten Investment Ideas for Millionaires

Whether one is a millionaire or a beginning investor, here are ten investment ideas for serious consideration. Live below your means and save the difference. Become your own investment advisor and save the fees. Use no-load index funds or non-managed index ETFs to populate your portfolio. Develop an investment plan even though it will continually change over a lifetime of … [Read More...]

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Madison Portfolio Review

Since the last Madison update 33 days ago, shares of TLT, RWX, and DBC were sold and the available cash was used to pick up shares of VTI - all in keeping with the Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM).  Of the eleven portfolios tracked here at ITA, the Madison is one of three where all the transactions are not available to Platinum members. Madison Dashboard:  The 26% allocated to international … [Read More...]

“Creme List” of Dividend Stocks

ITA Wealth Management readers know the pitfalls when it comes to selecting individual stocks and populating a portfolio with nothing but stocks.  Nevertheless, from time to time I post a list of stocks that ITA readers may find interesting.  Here is that list of stocks. The following screen and list of companies is reserved for Platinum members only and may not be published elsewhere. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 22 April 2011

ITA Wealth Management Portfolio Data While absolute performance or IRR values increased for the individual portfolios, most gave ground on a relative basis to both the ITA Index and the VTSMX benchmarks.  In several cases, the Sortino Ratio (SR) and Retirement Ratio (RR) increased, a positive sign.  Anecdotal evidence points to the portfolio's performing better relative to their … [Read More...]

What The Experts Say About Index Investing

Photograph:  Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Research Center - New Mexico   Perusing the Bogleheads web site, I found this long list of quotes from well known investment writers and managers.  Here is what they have to say about index investing.  These bits of wisdom further explain why I favor tilting investments toward non-managed index vehicles.  Further, I favor ETFs for … [Read More...]

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Retirement Portfolio: Part Three

Part three of this series of retirement preparations shows how one might optimize the array of ETFs presented in the earlier two blog posts.  In the following screen shot I set up a number of constraints and one was to hold the Diversification Metric to the 40% standard.  I also included BND, Vanguard's Total Bond ETF in the mix of investments.  Even by forcing none of the bonds to hold more than … [Read More...]

Basic Portfolio Information

The ITA blog was down most of the day due to a backup file causing the server to close down.  That file was removed and the blog is again functioning.  Platinum members will find my most recent post using the link provided below. … [Read More...]