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US Dominated Porfolio: Analysis Part I

The following portfolio was submitted by a Platinum member for analysis.  As you will see, this is a U.S. Equities dominated portfolio.  As a result, you will note in the Historical Section how well it performed with respect to the S&P 500 over the past five year.  Only 10% is invested in bonds and this should serve the portfolio well over the next five years.  Here is the QPP analysis and in … [Read More...]

Why The Three Basics ETFs Are Insufficient

VTI, VEU & VWO are insufficient Several days ago I wrote about the three basic asset classes needed in every portfolio.  The three mentioned are: U.S. equities, developed international markets, and emerging markets.  While VTI, VEU, and VWO cover these three asset classes, they are insufficient when putting together an adequate portfolio and here is the analysis showing … [Read More...]

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ITARR Kenilworth Portfolio Update: 19 July 2012

As one of the five ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios, the Kenilworth is well worth your attention.  Although rather new and small in size, sixteen asset classes are used to fill out the capital allocation plan.  Cash contributions come in every month helping to rebalance the portfolio when necessary.  Due to the influx of cash each month, I am not overly concerned about Large-Cap … [Read More...]

Einstein Portfolio Update: 1 February 2012

As with a number of the portfolios available to Platinum members, the Einstein is rounding into shape as most of the asset classes are in balance.  Only Small-Cap Growth (SCG) is above the 30% Threshold limit.  We don't pay much attention to Cash is it is almost always out of balance.  Emerging markets, while within the target or threshold limits, is a little low so I have a … [Read More...]

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Index Funds Advisors Asset Class Comparison: Examining The Big Return vs. Risk Picture

Index Funds Advisors Asset Class Comparison:  As promised yesterday, the third video talk from Index Funds Advisors is located at this URL.  Mark Hebner provides the large picture of the relationship between return and risk.  If you missed the first two presentations, go back to this blog entry to pick them up.  While you are on the IFA web site, I recommend each reader take … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Update: 5 March 2013

Nearly two months passed since I last updated the portfolio performance data table.  I'm not trying to hide anything.  Instead, I've been working on other projects such as portfolio optimization.  Since the last review the U.S. Equities market has been on a tear.  In context my comments below need to reflect the fact that not all February dividends are recorded in the following data and none of … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Index: 31 May 2013

As expected, many of the numerical values for the various indexes and sectors dipped in the percentage of bullish Point and Figure graphs this week.  However, there were very few changes between the offensive and defensive teams as the dips were insufficient to cause a switch in sides from X's to O's.  The following two tables explain what I mean. This information is not for publication … [Read More...]

International “Delta Factor” Projections

Responding to a request to show the "Delta Factor" projections for international ETFs, here we have a much more interesting set of results.  As the reference for DF projections, I use EFA, the international iShares ETF. The following material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]