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High Yield Retirement Portfolio

A Platinum member submitted the following portfolio for analysis.  The portfolio is designed to throw off income for a retiree and as you can see, the historical yield is a very high 4.6% so the portfolio is meeting that goal.  Take note that the portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 and did it with much lower risk. The projected return over the next six to twelve months is 7.6% or very close … [Read More...]

Technical Indicator Check

A few days ago several ETFs approached the 70% line on the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) graph.  This evening I ran a quick check of all the major ETFs held in the various portfolios to see where current RSI values were positioned, knowing we had a few down days in the market.  As expected, the RSI graphs are in retreat. The market retreat means we can postpone any thought of … [Read More...]

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Bohr Portfolio Update: 29 April 2013

Since the last Bohr update 33 days ago there were four trades in this portfolio.  Based on the optimizer I sold 100 shares of Precious Metals (GTU), the 29th ranking ETF as you will see in a later slide.  No shares of GTU are recommended for this portfolio.  I also sold 100 shares of Emerging Markets (VWO) and based on the optimizer should sell more.  Shares (100) of Domestic REITs (VNQ) were … [Read More...]

High Yield Investments Fall Short of Goals

From a discussion on Seeking Alpha, a list of high yield investments were suggested for QPP analysis.  While a number of the suggestions lacked three-years of data, the following seven high yield investments met all the qualifications for analysis.  Below are the projections for this list of tickers.  HYG and JNK are part of many portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 16 December 2011

This is the first showing of the new truncated performance data table.  While the portfolios took a hit as the market declined over the last several weeks, this latest update showed relative improvement when portfolios are measured against the ITA Index, a custom benchmark, and the VTSMX benchmark.  Portfolios reveling the greatest gains were: Curie, Kenilworth, Euclid, and … [Read More...]

Kepler Portfolio Review: Strategic Asset Allocation Changes

Review time has arrived for the Kepler Portfolio and I am making changes in the Strategic Asset Allocation plan.  Platinum members will find two Dashboards presented so you can easily see the changes I am making. … [Read More...]

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Tilting the Portfolio With Help From the “Delta Factor”

In an earlier post I made the case for using the "Delta Factor" as a "tilting" model.  Since market timing is generally considered to be a losers game, is there use for a probability argument as to when it makes sense to overweight a particular asset class, assuming the investor is constructing a portfolio based on a Strategic Asset Allocation plan?  In the prior post … [Read More...]

Fiscal Cliff: Time to Activate ITARR Model

We hear a lot about the coming "fiscal cliff."  If Congress does not act before taxes increase and spending cuts go into effect at the beginning of 2013, the country could go into another recession.  Rather than panic, now is the time to pay close attention to each major holding in your portfolio(s).  Instead of limiting the ITA Risk Reduction model to five portfolios, I plan to expand the number, … [Read More...]