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Ten Biggest Investor Mistakes – # 7

  ITA Wealth Management Mistake #7:  Lack of Portfolio Plan   Do you have a portfolio plan and is it written down?  If you can lay your hands on a plan, you are a rare investor.  What is involved in specifying a Strategic Asset Allocation plan? … [Read More...]

A Winter’s Solstice IV

Now that we are officially in the winter season, and it is beginning to feel like it, I thought it appropriate to recommend "A Winter's Solstice IV."  This CD is slightly out of the ordinary, yet one that contains enjoyable music.  Listen to the samples and see if the music fits your ear.  Here is the evaluation by one Amazon reviewer. "Perhaps it is possible for one's immediate circumstance to … [Read More...]

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Newton Portfolio Review: September 20

Shares of ALD, LLY, ELD, VEU, and RWX were added to the Newton during the month of September.  The purchases bring some of the under target asset classes just a little closer to their target percentages.  Below is the current asset allocation plan for the Newton. … [Read More...]

Sixteen Dividend Stocks

Platinum members interested in selecting individual stocks will be interested in this list of dividend oriented companies. In the first screen shot we have the screens applied to over 9800 stocks.  From this group we extract only sixteen.  Those companies are shown in the second screen.   Several of the sixteen stocks that make this "dividend" cut are part of the … [Read More...]

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Passive Investors

Passive Investing or Passive Management: Passive investing is the antithesis of active investing. Investors who subscribe to a passive style of investing do not think they can beat the market. Passive investors are strong advocates of the efficient market theory and that is – all information is reflected in the price of the product. While passive managers conclude they cannot beat the market … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Data: 2 September 2011

Due to migrating the ITA Wealth Management blog from one hosting site to another, I lost the Portfolio Performance data table for last week.  In the process of updating the table this week I observed changes over a two week period instead of the normal one week interval.  All stocks made absolute gains over the last two weeks, but lost ground on a relative scale.  In other words, … [Read More...]

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Pre-Maxwell Review

This weekend the Maxwell Portfolio is up for review, and as Platinum members will recall, this portfolio is one of the five used to test the ITA Risk Reduction model.  Of the critical eight ETFs used in this experiment, only DBC is currently priced below its 195-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).  While I expect this to continue through today's market, that could easily change as … [Read More...]

Measures of Portfolio Risk

  Calculating Portfolio Risk If you have been following the ITA Wealth Management blog closely you know that I have been delving into portfolio risk with interest and intensity.  This morning I pulled William J. Bernstein's first investment book off the shelf to see if he had anything to add to this discussion.  Sure enough, "The Intelligent Asset Allocator" includes … [Read More...]