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Financial Literacy: Do You Have It?

This morning as I was reading Seeking Alpha articles, "Financial Literacy A Hoax?" popped out as one of interest to ITA Wealth Management readers.  Don't miss Paul Farrell's article that sparked the Roger Nusbaum article.  Have any of you used any of these Financial Literacy programs?  I've not so I am not aware of their usefulness. … [Read More...]

Water ETFs

Water ETFs for Portfolio Diversification Portfolios constructed and monitored here on the ITA Wealth Management blog focus on broad asset classes.  We use ETFs such as VTV, VOE, VBR, VEU, VWO, VNQ, etc. as our primary portfolio building blocks.  On occasion we add individual stocks or ETFs that are out of our "mainstream" group of ETFs.  One area we branch into is … [Read More...]

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Four ETFs Plus Two Stocks Create a Winning Combination

Instead of calling this the "Holy Cow" portfolio, I'll refer to it as the "Basic Four" from now on. Below is the first iteration of the four ETFs using in last Friday's QPP analysis.  This is one of ITA Wealth Management's top projected portfolios so far, and we are not finished looking for winning combinations. The following material is reserved for Platinum … [Read More...]

Einstein Portfolio Update: 2 January 2012

The following Dashboard shows the asset allocation plan for the Einstein Portfolio.  This worksheet and the following performance slide include all dividends from 2011.  With the available cash, I expect to put all the under-target asset classes in balance within a few weeks.  I have several limit orders in place for the under-target asset classes. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 7 October 2011

While the past week was positive for all the portfolios on an absolute scale, large-cap stocks continued to perform better than globally diversified portfolios.  Therefore, portfolios tracked by the TLH Spreadsheet either remained even or lost a little ground to the VTSMX benchmark.  Tough times in Europe are not helping ETFs such as VEU or emerging markets, VWO. The following data … [Read More...]

Optimizing the “Swensen Six” Portfolio

To answer the question of how much the "Swensen Six" portfolio changes when placed under the optimization microscope, here is the following analysis.  The percentage changes from asset class to asset class are not as different as one might expect. This material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

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Madison Portfolio Review Time

One of the five portfolios using the ITA Risk Reduction model is the Madison.  In preparation for the review we first look at the Dashboard to see if the asset classes are populated properly.  While there are a few out-of-balance classes, the percentages are nothing to worry about.  Most of the asset class are within the 25% Threshold range.  Not only are all eight critical … [Read More...]

Buy and Sell Guidelines: A General Overview

Armed with analysis tools such as the Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP), TLH Spreadsheet, Hoadley Optimizer and expanded worksheets, it is possible to outline some basic guidelines for buying, holding and selling ETFs.  As always, individual judgments are required and I'll attempt to explain those when transactions occur.  As always, we make investment decisions in the context of broad market … [Read More...]