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US Dominated Porfolio: Analysis Part I

The following portfolio was submitted by a Platinum member for analysis.  As you will see, this is a U.S. Equities dominated portfolio.  As a result, you will note in the Historical Section how well it performed with respect to the S&P 500 over the past five year.  Only 10% is invested in bonds and this should serve the portfolio well over the next five years.  Here is the QPP analysis and in … [Read More...]

How To Invest Simply

  Investing Made Simple Here are a few simple suggestion to get investors off on the right foot.  These suggestions apply to experienced as well as beginning investors. Save more than you think you will need. Build the portfolio around index funds or index ETFs. Learn what it means to rebalance a portfolio. Monitor the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the portfolio and … [Read More...]

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Mama, How Am I Doing?

I feel compelled to bring this blog entry forward from time to time lest new readers missed it when published nearly a year ago. As little children we were always checking with one or more parents to see how we were progressing.  Whether it was swimming, roller skating, or learning how to ride a bike, it was not unusual to check in with an adult to gain a performance frame of … [Read More...]

Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM) YouTube Presentations

Platinum members using the Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM) spreadsheet will find two help sessions at this address. http://www.youtube.com/user/Physlab Look for Momentum-Optimization and Momentum-Optimization Part 2.  Keep in mind that the resolution is not the greatest when viewing material on YouTube.  At least the Camtasia recordings are not as sharp as I prefer. Lowell   … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 10 February 2012

All the portfolios were in good shape until Friday's market hit.  The downturn in the three critical international classes hurt most of the ITA Portfolios as they are global in their asset allocation structure.  Therefore, most gained a little ground on the ITA Index while loosing traction to the VTSMX.  The difference is that the ITA Index is a customized benchmark that … [Read More...]

Portfolio #1: Ages 15 – 25

Portfolio #1 emphasizes simplicity.  This is a starter portfolio for young investors who have little to save, but want to begin putting together a core portfolio to build on in later years.  It is extremely simple in that it holds only four asset classes. While the projected return is relatively high based on our S&P 500 projection of 7%, the 9.2% return comes with a high projected … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” for International Equities

International ETFs Analyzed Seeking Alpha published this article on MIST, the new group of international markets that are poised to perform well according to the article.  What are the projections based on a "Delta Factor" analysis?  The results are shown in the following table. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators: 3 November 2012

A few more changes developed this past week in both index and sector Bullish Percent Indicators.  In some cases the market strengthened while in others it weakened.  As you look over the tables, ask yourself if you see any particular trends. … [Read More...]