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Active, Index, Passive or Mosaic Investing

Investing Styles Are you an Active, Index, Passive or Mosaic investor? Answer this question and one focuses at the heart of investing. Rather than answer this question with one blog post, I will strive to define and explain the different styles over a series of entries spanning into next week. While I've written on the subject of investing styles before, I'm sure there are new … [Read More...]

A Winter’s Solstice IV

Now that we are officially in the winter season, and it is beginning to feel like it, I thought it appropriate to recommend "A Winter's Solstice IV."  This CD is slightly out of the ordinary, yet one that contains enjoyable music.  Listen to the samples and see if the music fits your ear.  Here is the evaluation by one Amazon reviewer. "Perhaps it is possible for one's immediate circumstance to … [Read More...]

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International ETFs: Are There Any Potential Buys?

Two days ago I ran an analysis on domestic ETFs to see if there were any buying opportunities.  The following is a similar Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis of international ETFs.  As readers will see in the "Delta Factor" projection table, there are a few buying opportunities. … [Read More...]

Curie Portfolio Update: 3 May 2012

Very little action took place within the Curie Portfolio this last month other than collecting dividends from NLY, SYK, and a number of ETFs.  In a sense, this is how it should be as we want to minimize buying and selling securities.  There is available cash so I will invest some of it in PCY or international bonds. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Construction Using David Swensen Percentage Guidelines

David Swensen writes in his "Unconventional Success" book, "Construction of a financial-asset portfolio involves full measures of science and art.  The science encompasses the application of basic investment principles to the problem of combining core asset classes in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  The art concerns the use of common-sense judgment in the challenge … [Read More...]

Retirement Planning

Just a short note to all readers that this is a "must read" article on retirement planning. This Portfolioist article is along the lines of all "The Golden Rule of Investing" blog posts I've written in the past. … [Read More...]

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Euclid Portfolio Review: 13 April 2012

Tomorrow I will take a careful look at the relative positions between the prices of the eight critical ETFs and their respective 195-Day EMAs.  Here is the current Dashboard for the Euclid and if any sales are required, an update of the Dashboard will be posted next week. … [Read More...]

Some Answers to Correlation Questions

In a recent post I showed examples of Correlation Matrices generated by different softwares from (seemingly) the same data. I have now found explanations for the differences in all but the data generated by the QPP software. In the original post I used raw price data to generate the Excel correlation matrix – as such, that matrix was correct. However, in the analysis of stock price data, the … [Read More...]