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Blog Post of Interest

The following blog post was sent to me and I think ITA readers will find it of interest. http://investingforaliving.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/ivy-timing-model-extensions-more-asset-classes/ I pulled out this quote. "Fantastic. What’s not to like? Well, actually implementing the 13 asset class IVY timing model presents some issues. First and foremost is which ETFs do you use? We’re on our … [Read More...]

Dow 30 And The “Delta Factor”

Normally, I reserve the "Delta Factor" analysis for non-managed index ETFs.  Deviating from that pattern, below is a table for the Dow Jones Industrial 30 stocks.  ITA followers, who are also Mosaic investors, will find this list of interest.  Are there any mega-cap stocks that show promise of price growth over the next six to twelve months? When examining a table such as … [Read More...]

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ITA Index: What Is It?

Calculating the ITA Index This morning I was searching through ITA Wealth Management to find information on the customized benchmark, ITA Index, and realized how little is available for the interested investor.  Lack of information spurred me to write a bit more about it, why it is useful, and some of the potential flaws related to its accuracy. Motivation to come up with a customized … [Read More...]

TLH Spreadsheet Audio Clips

To accurately track and monitor the performance of your portfolio, as well as several benchmarks, I highly recommend each investor seriously consider learning how to implement the Thomas-Lalla-Herr (TLH) spreadsheet.  Below are a number of audio/video help sessions that will answer many of your questions.  If you are still puzzled, post issues in the Comments section of any blog entry … [Read More...]

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High Yield Retirement Portfolio

A Platinum member submitted the following portfolio for analysis.  The portfolio is designed to throw off income for a retiree and as you can see, the historical yield is a very high 4.6% so the portfolio is meeting that goal.  Take note that the portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 and did it with much lower risk. The projected return over the next six to twelve months is 7.6% or very close … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Update: 19 May 2012

Several weeks flitted by without a portfolio performance update.  Here is the latest information (see data table below) after what we might categorize as a miserable stock market week.  The ITA Risk Reduction model is working!  It is doing exactly what it was designed to do - reduce portfolio risk while increasing relative return.  However, it is still too early to gloat, but … [Read More...]

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What Is The Meaning of Those X’s and O’s?

This morning a question was posed as to the meaning of the X's and O's in the PnF graphs.  One good source of information is StockCharts.  Another excellent source is Thomas Dorsey's book, Point & Figure Charting. The older and less expensive version will work fine. At the heart of PnF graphing is the law of supply and demand.  When the demand for a stock exceeds … [Read More...]

“King of the Mountain” Article by Rob Arnott

While Rob Arnott's "King of the Mountain" article is not a particularly easy read, Platinum members would be well served to spend time studying what he has to say about inflation, interest rates, and P/E ratios.  Without delving into all the t-tests and other statistics, extract the general gist of this article to gain a grasp on the current valuation of the market.  Is it … [Read More...]