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Best Portfolio Management Book

If you are looking for the best book on portfolio management, I don't think you will find it in print.  The best source I know of is right here at ITA Wealth Management.  Flexibility is the reason ITA is your best source.  1) Asset Allocation is emphasized.  2) The TLH Spreadsheet does it all for the interested investor.  The latest version even helps users identify the number of shares of … [Read More...]

Asset Allocation: How Important?

Asset Allocation Due to a recent Ibbotson study (Unfortunately, this article now requires one to register.) asset allocation is not the investment elixir today it was thought to be in the late 1980s and 1990s. Nevertheless, it remains the best method for constructing portfolios if our goal is to outperform a broad market benchmark index such as the VTSMX while reducing portfolio risk. Readers of … [Read More...]

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Maxwell Portfolio Update: 30 August 2013

As a reminder to new members, the Maxwell is one of three portfolios where all the transaction details are not available for viewing. One bit of good news for this portfolio is that over the last three months, or since launching a risk reduction model, the Maxwell picked up 140 basis points with respect to the ITA Index and 10 basis points on the VTSMX benchmark.  While the gain on VTSMX was … [Read More...]

TLH Spreadsheet Help With EFT Purchase

Do you need help entering a new ETF purchase into the TLH Spreadsheet?  A new video/audio clip is available to walk TLH users through the process.  There is also an explanation of how to enter a cash dividend into the spreadsheet.  … [Read More...]

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Modest Growth: Portfolio #4

The Modest Growth Portfolio reduces bonds to 25% of the total portfolio.  This income/bond percentage is more in line with many of the portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  One big difference, at least for the larger portfolios, is that most of the ITA portfolios carry a greater diversification.  While the portfolio below is diversified all over the world, the idea is … [Read More...]

Capital Preservation Portfolio

This portfolio is not quite as conservative as the Ultra Capital Preservation asset mix.  Fixed income was decreased by 11% points and those assets were shifted toward equities. … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: Mixed Reactions To Financial Cliff

While there were no major offensive-defensive shifts in the major indexes, there were a few changes within sectors of the market. The following data tables provide detailed information on the changes. Bullish Percent Indicators for Indexes: Both the NYSE and DJIA indexes improved numerically this past week although neither index showed sufficient strength to move from a defensive position to an … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicator: Additional Information

In 1995 A.W. Cohen developed the New York Stock Exchange Bullish Percent Index.  Some technicians call it the greatest market indicator as it gives a broad overview of the market direction.  In our case, we are tracking several markets.  In the data table several market index are recorded as well as several popular ETFs.  The ETFs are on a separate worksheet and are not shown … [Read More...]