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Downsides to ETFs

  ETF Negatives   There are a few, but not many, negatives to working with ETFs. A broker is required to purchase and sell ETFs.  I use TDAmeritrade and it costs me $7.00 to purchase and $7.00 to sell ETFs.  Now 101 ETFs are commission free with TDA. Therefore I generally deal in blocks of 100 shares or more.  This is done to keep commissions to a low percentage of … [Read More...]

Ten Biggest Investor Mistakes – #4

Wealth Management: Mistake #4: Investors lack knowledge about the importance of asset allocation.   Investors do not educate themselves as to the importance of asset allocation, and what asset classes tend to perform better than others over the long-run. I need not go into the importance of overcoming this mistake as I have written extensively about this possible mistake. Just click on the … [Read More...]

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Mosaic Portfolio Lookback – 31 December 2008

One Quarter Away From Bear Market Conclusion Here we are at the end of 2008 and the market is still dismal.  What signals can we decipher from the QPP analysis and the Delta Index worksheet?  Are any clues showing up?  First, look at the QPP analysis.  Nothing was altered except for the time frame.  The data used for the analysis was moved forward one quarter.  … [Read More...]

Recent Piotroski Stocks

Platinum members following the Gauss Portfolio are aware that I have been adding "Piotroski Stocks" to this portfolio if any met all nine standards.  The stock is then held so long is it maintains a ranking of seven or higher.  The two stocks recently added to the Gauss were CRAI and PFIN.  Currently, only CRAI should be in the portfolio as it still carries a ranking of nine (9).  PFIN dropped … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Data for June 16, 2011

Asset Allocation Is Working The good news is that all eleven portfolio tracked using the TLH spreadsheet demonstrated the power of asset allocation by performing better than the VTSMX benchmark.  In almost every case, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for the portfolio also showed improvement when measured against the ITA Index. While the IRR for the portfolio and IRR for the ITA Index … [Read More...]

Portfolio Review

Einstein Portfolio Review With the computer alarm ringing this morning, I noted it was time to update the Einstein Portfolio.  For new members, I cycle through seven key portfolios used as examples for interested investors.  The Einstein Portfolio is one of the seven.  During each review, I first look over the asset allocation worksheet called the Dashboard.  Below is the … [Read More...]

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Efficient Frontier: A Brief Explanation

In preparation for a fresh design of this blog I asked for suggestions how to improve the "look and feel" of ITA Wealth Management.  Several suggestions focused on the need for further explanation of some of the technical aspects of investing.  Before going too technical, keep in mind that as investors, we continually ask the question - "What portfolio will produce the most return for the least … [Read More...]

Quick Check of ITA Risk Reduction Model

Run a quick check of your holdings to make sure all are priced above their respective 195-Day Exponential Moving Averages.  Here is the setup for StockCharts that I use.  I ran through a number of critical ETFs this morning and all are well above their EMA. Several portfolios are coming up for review and it appears as if no changes will be necessary.  This is exactly as we like … [Read More...]