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Which ETFs To Use When Constructing A New Portfolio

Which ETFs do I recommend for different asset classes when putting together that first portfolio?  The first move is to decide which asset classes to use.  Twenty-five months ago I posted this Asset Allocation blog and little has changed over that time.  One error in the table is the position of VEA.  That ETF should be included in the Developed International Equities box rather than the Emerging … [Read More...]

“SRIDM” Your Way to Successful Investing

“SRIDM” is an acronym for the five critical steps to increase the probability of experiencing a successful investing career.  Save, Read, Index, Diversify, and Monitor are five essential initiatives or decisions each investor makes at some time in their investing careers.  These five actions are no guarantee to successful investing, but they will go a long way toward building … [Read More...]

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Further Analysis of the Forty Stock Portfolio

Is the forty (40) stock portfolio optimized if one assigns 2.5% to each stocks?  Follow the optimized-momentum analysis to answer this question. Efficient Frontier:  A quick glance at the Efficient Frontier graph shows us that equal allocation to each stock does not provide the most optimized portfolio.  This does not come as a surprise.  The equal allocation was done for simplicity just to see … [Read More...]

QPP Analysis of Conservative Portfolio

One of the services for Platinum members is to run an evaluation of their portfolio, and this is such an analysis.  Readers will see the Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) projections for a portfolio that holds several Canadian ETFs.  One note of interest.  The VSB.TO does not have a three-year record, so that will skew the results, particularly since 20% of the portfolio is allocated to that … [Read More...]

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Smartest High Risk Portfolio

This is the last article in this series of QPP analysis of Solin's "supersmart" portfolios.  Of all the portfolios, this one is perhaps the weakest.  Read on to understand why. … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Data: 10 August 2013

  What happened since the last portfolio performance back in late July?  The results are mixed and the changes were slight as one might expect. Portfolios that gained ground on the ITA Index were: Curie, Einstein, Maxwell, Euclid, and Madison.  The Newton, Schrodinger, Kenilworth, and Kepler held even and only the Bohr and Gauss lost ground.  Keep in mind that not all dividends have … [Read More...]

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ITA Risk Reduction Model Positions

Investors following the ITA Risk Reduction model are currently in "neglect" mode.  This simply means we are not trading any commission free ETFs, but we are watching the price action of several key markets.  Let's focus on two REITs to illustrate this point.  In our portfolios we include both domestic (VNQ) and international (RWX) REITs.  In the following graph we … [Read More...]

Point & Figure Scaling: Why Use Percentage Instead of Traditional Option

A situation arose this morning regarding whether X's or O's are showing up in the right-hand column of the Vanguard's emerging market ETF, VWO.  If the scaling is set to 'percentage' O's are found in the right most column.  However, if the scaling option is set to 'traditional,' X's show up in the right-hand column.  Which is preferred?  To … [Read More...]