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The Art of Mosaic Investing

Mosaic Investing:  What is it? Active and passive investing are terms well known to the investing community, but what is Mosaic Investing?  While Mosaic Investing is not part of the Wall Street lexicon, it does convey meaning to investors who primarily construct portfolios using index mutual funds or index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) plus a few individual stocks.  Mosaic is to … [Read More...]

US Dominated Porfolio: Analysis Part I

The following portfolio was submitted by a Platinum member for analysis.  As you will see, this is a U.S. Equities dominated portfolio.  As a result, you will note in the Historical Section how well it performed with respect to the S&P 500 over the past five year.  Only 10% is invested in bonds and this should serve the portfolio well over the next five years.  Here is the QPP analysis and in … [Read More...]

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Curie Portfolio Review: 4 April 2012

Another month rolled around for the Curie and here is the update.  One trivial bit of information is that one "shard" stock (Washington Mutual) was replaced with another (WMIH.PK).  I despise these fragments hanging around the portfolio.  This is not an issue when one is dealing with "mainstream" ETFs.  Moving past this nuisance we first take a look at the … [Read More...]

Updating the Sortino Worksheet

Platinum members will find a new Camtasia audio/video help session available for those TLH Spreadsheet users who are using the risk capabilities.  Here are the instructions to find the link. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 16 December 2011

This is the first showing of the new truncated performance data table.  While the portfolios took a hit as the market declined over the last several weeks, this latest update showed relative improvement when portfolios are measured against the ITA Index, a custom benchmark, and the VTSMX benchmark.  Portfolios reveling the greatest gains were: Curie, Kenilworth, Euclid, and … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance: 10 February 2012

All the portfolios were in good shape until Friday's market hit.  The downturn in the three critical international classes hurt most of the ITA Portfolios as they are global in their asset allocation structure.  Therefore, most gained a little ground on the ITA Index while loosing traction to the VTSMX.  The difference is that the ITA Index is a customized benchmark that … [Read More...]

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StockChart Graphs for Timing Model

Platinum members following the experimental approach to improving performance of the Maxwell and Euclid portfolios will want to become familiar with the StockChart graphs we will be using for our analysis.  Below is an example of the graphs for VTI, one of the primary holdings. In the top graph, note that the current price is well below the 195-Day EMA (green line).  The price closed at … [Read More...]

“Delta Factor” Changes Over Last Week

How are the "Delta Factor" projections altered after a positive week in the market?  To answer this question, I listed many of the ETFs used in various portfolios and ran the analysis for two different time frames.  The first screen shot shows the Delta and Delta Factor from 10/3/2007 through 10/3/2011.  The second screen shot captures the data from 10/10/2007 through … [Read More...]