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Worry Free Investing: Young Readers – Listen Up!

No, I am not obsessed with risk even though I've recently written quite a bit on the subject.  Why the concern about risk as the market seems to be having a good summer?  The specter of rising interest is a major fear for this reason.  If interest rates were to rise to the same level they were when George Bush (43) took office, the amount of money the U.S. Government will need … [Read More...]

MEDA Trust Update

This is a thank you to all Platinum members for your continued support of ITA Wealth Management.  If you did not already know, 100% of your membership fees go toward funding new businesses in developing countries.  As of this morning 251 businesses are fully or partially funded with your help. This morning I made three full loans and one partial loan.  The partial loan went to a … [Read More...]

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Euclid Update for 6 December 2012

Updating the Euclid resulted in setting a few limit orders to put available cash to work.  Limit orders were set to purchase shares of VOE, VBR, DBC, and VB.  Even though these asset classes are within target, I am trying to bring the current percentage holdings closer to the target percentages.  I also set a TSLO to sell shares of TIP as the Bond & Income asset class is above the 15% target.  … [Read More...]

SRCE and RBCAA: Two Dividend Stocks That Pass Screen

From a database of nearly 10,000 stocks, only two pass my current dividend screens.  SRCE currently provides a yield of 3.4% while RBCAA is generating a yield of 3.3%.  Below, Platinum readers will see an analysis of SRCE.  If this type of stock analysis is useful, let me know and if you have a stock you wish to see listed, send that along in the comments section. This information is not for … [Read More...]

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Monte Carlo Retirement Calculator

Have any readers heard the example of saving $2,000 per year starting at age 19, and only saving for eight years?  Assuming a return of 10% a year, how much will this individual have at age 65?  Then we take another investor who begins saving $2,000 per year on the year the first investor stopped.  The second investor also is fortunate enough to earn 10% per year.  Keep in mind … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Data: 22 July 2011

How did your portfolio perform this last week?  Did you gain in absolute terms but lose the relative race?  Well, that is what happened to most of the portfolios tracked using the TLH Spreadsheet.  We lost most of the ground gained last week when examining the VTSMX and ITA Index benchmarks.  Nearly all the portfolios showed a decline in both the Sortinio and Retirement … [Read More...]

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Fama & French – Value Risk Factor

  Sculpture on Main Sacred Way to Ming Tombs Fama-French’s value risk factor is at the heart of their paper, The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns.  This link connects you to an abstract of their paper.  It takes someone like William Bernstein to explain the research study and its importance.  Let me quote from "The Intelligent Asset … [Read More...]

Return and Risk Relationship

What is the relationship between return of a portfolio and the associated risk involved? Quoting from an “Active vs. Passive” paper I found in my files. “High potential returns always involve high potential risks. There are no low-risk/high-return investments. Investment risk comes in many forms but, to most investors, risk means the potential for losing investment capital and … [Read More...]