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Where To Invest New Money?

With the markets and individual sectors in over-bought territory, where should one invest new money?  This is not an easy question to answer so I'll just relate what I've been doing. … [Read More...]

Gordon Equation: What Is It?

I'm not sure I ever heard of the Gordon Equation (GE) until I read about it in William Bernstein's second investment book, "The Four Pillars of Investing." Even on the first read, I skimmed over it. Now that investors are paying more attention to dividends, the GE merits additional attention. Simply stated, the Gordon Equation is written as follows: Market Return = Dividend … [Read More...]

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Einstein Portfolio Review: 6 February 2012

Review time is here again for the Einstein Portfolio.  Examining the Dashboard or Asset Allocation plan, shown below, is the first task when updating or reviewing a portfolio.  Actually, I check the broker account to make sure all transactions are current.  While it took a little time and patience, the portfolio is now in balance with exception of Small-Cap Growth, and that asset … [Read More...]

Piotroski High F & Dividend Stock Screens

Investors attempting to "super charge" their portfolios with a few highly selected stocks may be interested in the two screens shown in this blog post.  The first is the Piotroski High F-Score screen and the second is a dividend oriented screen. This blog post is not available for publication elsewhere and it is limited to Platinum members. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 29 October 2011

This has been a great week for the ITA Wealth Management portfolios.  Not only did we see absolute gains for all portfolios, but there were many relative gains when measured against the VTSMX and ITA Index benchmarks.  Not every portfolio showed relative gains, but in general the Sortino and Retirement ratios increased in value.  Inflation held the same since last week.  While … [Read More...]

Optimization of Equity and Bond ETFs: A Handsome Portfolio Results

The following table shows an array of ETFs recommended by a reader.  What I did with this set of ETFs was to screen for maximum return with the following constraints. … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: Further Market Weakness Beginning To Appear

Bullish Percent Indicators (BPI) are Point and Figure graphs we use to view overall market movements from week to week.  Not only do these indicators provide general market movements based on percentage changes, but the actual values tell us if the market is under valued, fairly valued, or over valued.  The bull market is cooling off based on BPI values and this is why investors need to be paying … [Read More...]

Measures of Portfolio Risk

  Calculating Portfolio Risk If you have been following the ITA Wealth Management blog closely you know that I have been delving into portfolio risk with interest and intensity.  This morning I pulled William J. Bernstein's first investment book off the shelf to see if he had anything to add to this discussion.  Sure enough, "The Intelligent Asset Allocator" includes … [Read More...]