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Photograph: Fort in Savannah, GA Have you ever heard of "Muling?"  It was new term to me until this week when a former student sent me this URL.  Check it out. … [Read More...]

Please Turn Off CNBC!

CNBC is only a place holder for all types to Wall Street media hype.  Eschew information that is designed to keep you unsettled, nervous, and makes you feel as if you are doing something wrong and change is necessary.  Too much investment information is not necessarily a good thing for portfolio management.  If financial news sources had your best interests in mind, you would find them so boring … [Read More...]

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Reference Portfolio Analyzed

Using an array of ETFs, primarily commission free with TDAmeritrade, I ran a Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM) analysis for the purpose of showing new and experienced investors how the MOM can be used  to manage a portfolio.  Not everyone will be interested in this model as it does require more monitoring than the buy and hold approach. Consider MOM to be one level up in sophistication as … [Read More...]

“Ten” Ivy ETF Portfolio

Ivy 10 Portfolio As you read through this 10-ETF portfolio, you may want to toggle back and forth between the latest analysis and this analysis I finished approximately four and one-half months ago. When I last analyzed the Ivy 10, little was gained by moving from five to ten ETFs. That is still the case.  In the 10-ETF portfolio, there are not ten different asset classes.  In my … [Read More...]

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Kepler Review: 1 August 2011

It is again time to review the Kepler Portfolio.  The Dashboard worksheet shown below is the asset allocation plan for the Kepler and the second screen shot includes the performance numbers as of 9:40 a.m. on August 1, 2011.  When I discuss setting up a Strategic Asset Allocation plan for a portfolio, the slide below is such an example.  Note how the percentages are allocation in … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Data: 23 September 2011

After this week, ITA Wealth Management readers will certainly be aware of the high Retirement Ratio (RR) standard.  Only one portfolio, the Einstein, managed to turn in a positive RR value.  Let's face it, it was a very poor week for both domestic and world markets.  IRR percentage points were shed by every portfolio.  The good news is that most of the portfolios gained on … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” Projections for Twenty ETFs

In response to a user request, below are the individual "Delta Factor" projections for twenty ETFs frequently used in one of more of the portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  Neither the Delta or Delta Factor columns are heavily populated with green or Buy recommendations.  Five years of data were used so this puts the beginning period back in the middle of the last major bear … [Read More...]

Tactical Asset Allocation

Trackers of the ITA Risk Reduction model will want to review the various ETFs we are using in a number of the experimental portfolios.  Examine the VEU graph below.  The current price is 5% to 6% below the 195-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).  In addition, the RSI is showing VEU is very close to the 30% buying opportunity.  If one waits until the price of the ETF moves … [Read More...]