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Links to Retirement Articles and Sector ETFs

Interested in retirement articles.  Geoff Considine, developer of the QPP software, has written the first four of five articles on retirement.  You can find the first article using this link.  The other articles can be found by going to the right sidebar under Recent Posts. I had an article published on Seeking Alpha on sector ETFs.  This link will take you to that article. … [Read More...]

The Top Five Investment Books On Asset Allocation

Investors interested in digging deeper into the nuances of asset allocation will find the following five books of interest. Here is my revised list of the five best books on asset allocation.  Elsewhere on this blog you will find my Top Ten list of investment books. The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio - William J. Bernstein Asset Allocation: … [Read More...]

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“Creme List” for 22 January 2011

CSCO is back on the list and we lost LLY.  Otherwise, only minor shifts occurred this week.  No stock was priced to purchase according to my analysis. Platinum membership available for a mere $5.00 per month. … [Read More...]

Sample Portfolio QPP Analysis for Client

One of the services I provide to Platinum members is to run an analysis of their portfolio.  The following is a Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis of a sample portfolio.   There are two securities, IEFA and ELD, that have short records and those tend to improve the results of the analysis. QPP Analysis:  Assuming the S&P 500 will grow at a 7.0% rate over the next year, this portfolio … [Read More...]

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Is It Fair To Compare Performance Results Of Different Portfolios?

Is it fair to compare performance results of different portfolios?  ITA Platinum members have see a number of comparisons on this blog and I plan to publish more results.  However, there are inherent problems when it comes to portfolio performance comparisons.  Let me list a few as it is important to keep in mind these problems. 1) When selecting a sample portfolio from a web site … [Read More...]

Portfolio Development: Thinking Through First Steps

Several readers have been asking for advice as to which portfolio to follow and is there any philosophy behind the different portfolios?  The portfolios are owned by many different individuals so the portfolios are designed with those investors in mind.  I have had a major role in the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) plans of each.  Individual investors differ in their income and … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: 26 July 2013

While this past week did not seem to be a particularly strong for the stock market the Bullish Percent Indicators (BPI), for the most part, tell a different story.  Nearly every major market and sector increased the percentage of stocks with a bullish Point and Figure graph.  There were no changes as to who controlled the ball - the offensive of defensive teams. … [Read More...]

ETF Indicator Table

The following table, available only to Platinum members, indicates the current condition of the eight critical ETFs we are using for the ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios. … [Read More...]