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Ivy Portfolio: 5 Asset Classes

Mebane T. Faber and Eric W. Richardson, in their book, "The Ivy Portfolio: How to Invest Like the Top Endowments and Avoid Bear Markets," provide three sample portfolios that attempt to emulate the Portfolio Policies of the top academic endowments in the country.  Special attention is given to Harvard and Yale. This week I will be analyzing the five, ten, and twenty factor … [Read More...]

Investing 101 Reviewed

This morning I was having coffee with a good friend and the conversation drifted to investing.  Seems as if I'm able to guide casual discussions in that direction from time to time.  This friend pointed out to me that when one becomes knowledgeable in a particular discipline it is difficult to write with clarity about that discipline.  Beginning concepts are left behind and writers start … [Read More...]

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Become Your Own Investment Advisor and Save The Fees

Taking on the responsibility of managing your own portfolio can be, but need not be, a daunting task.  Some folks just don’t want anything to do with managing their own financial affairs.  It seems either too difficult, too important, or simply carries no interest.  While I have had almost a life-long interest in investing, it is understandable why many find it rather … [Read More...]

Screening For Dividend Stocks

Reducing Portfolio Risk With Stocks If you have been following the recent comments you noticed the recommendation to add a few highly selected stocks to a core of ETFs so as to reduce portfolio risk.  It is possible to find individual stocks that have a low correlation with respect to ETFs such as VTI, VEU, VWO, etc.  Let's see how this works when seven dividend stocks are added to … [Read More...]

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Optimized Mosaic Portfolio

While the following portfolio is not exactly one of the eleven portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management, there are many similar ingredients.  To create this portfolio I selected 26 ETFs that are frequently part of at least one ITA portfolio.  Familiar ETFs such as VTI, VEU, VWO, DVY, VTV, IWN, VOE, VOT, VNQ, RWX, etc. are among the 26 ETFs.  Nine (9) bond ETFs were in the group, but most … [Read More...]

Newton Portfolio Review: 9 August 2011

Review of the Newton Portfolio was moved forward as shares of VEU, VBR, VOT, and VOE were purchased last week.  Dividends also came in from EMB, TLT, BND, HYG, and TIP.  Below is the current Strategic Asset Allocation plan for the Newton.  The ETF additions were purchased in such small amounts that asset classes remain under target.  This is an intra-day Dashboard.  I … [Read More...]

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Equity “Delta Factor” Projections

The following screen shot shows the "Delta Factor" projections for twenty ETFs, many found in most of the ITA Portfolios.  These are equity ETFs as I did not include any bond or treasury ETFs in this analysis.  When one sees a yellow background in the Delta column, that is a semi-positive signal.  The best signal would to see a green background.  There are none at … [Read More...]

The Feynman Portfolio Study

Lowell has invited me to author a series of posts on the ITA Wealth Management website that may be of interest to Platinum members interested in learning more about the practical application of some of the strategies, tactics and analysis tools that Lowell uses on the site and how these might be expected to perform under a variety of market conditions. I plan to do this by back testing the … [Read More...]