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Retirement Rule #6: Develop Your Own Strategic Asset Allocation Plan

Continuing the theme of retirement planning, at some point one needs to develop an asset allocation plan.  If you neglect this suggestion, you have already made a decision.  To make no decision is to make a decision.  One may as well set up a plan with some logic and reasoning behind the process.  To develop a SAA plan, one needs to understand the options available or Rule #5. There are a … [Read More...]

Five Critical Investment Decisions

    Gordon Murray and Daniel Goldie lay out five investment decisions in their book, "The Investment Answer."  While not a complete list, these five will launch a beginning investor. If investors were to follow Murray and Goldie's advice, far fewer dollars would flow from portfolios into the coffers of Wall Street.  The following decisions are found on pages 6 … [Read More...]

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Kepler Portfolio Review: 7 May 2012

Once more it is time to review the Kepler Portfolio.  Back in the middle of April I sold partial positions of VEU and VWO.  Both ETFs dropped slightly in price since those sales.  I still hold an iShare (EFA) in developed international markets and will likely take this down market opportunity to sell off that holding.  The second screen shot shows the holdings in the Kepler … [Read More...]

Sortino Worksheet: Review of How to Update the Sortino-Retirement Ratio Worksheet

We are in the middle of the month so those who are updating the Sortino Ratio (SR) worksheet inside the TLH Spreadsheet every two weeks will want to make the changes after the market closes today.  … [Read More...]

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Smartest Low-Medium Risk Portfolio

With this low-medium risk portfolio we move up one notch in aggressiveness. This is still a very conservative portfolio with 60% committed to the bond/income asset class. Moving from 80% in bonds down to 60% brings about an increase in both projected return and projected uncertainty.  The Return/Uncertainty ratio is still a respectable 0.62. Platinum membership is available for a low $5.00 … [Read More...]

Asset Allocation: The Basic 17 Asset Classes

Much is made of the importance of asset allocation here at ITA Wealth Management.  Not all portfolios tracked on this blog use the seventeen asset classes, but we want to list the stable of assets we draw from depending on the size of the portfolio and goals of the investor.  Cash is included as one of the 17 in the data table shown below. Below the title row we have the three cap sizes ranging … [Read More...]

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Risk Reduction Model: Examination of Maxwell

Today is ITA Risk Reduction examination day for the Maxwell Portfolio. … [Read More...]

Where Is The Market?

Without going into a lot of explanation, contemplate the following graphs.  This graph is a composite of the stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. Platinum membership is available for a mere $5.00 per month.  Learn how to reduce portfolio risk. … [Read More...]