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Vivaldi Sacred Music: CD Recommendation of Week of 17 March 2013

If you go to Amazon and request Vivaldi Sacred Music you will come up with a vast array of music options, most of them rated four and five stars.  I needed to do a little more searching to find the particular CD I have and here is the link.  Here is a second recommendation.  Some of this sacred work is not all that easy to find, so do some searching and try to find recommendations.  As I recall, … [Read More...]

Bond Market: Important Article

Platinum members will want to read this important article from Seeking Alpha.  This paper is not an unusual or "off the wall" position. … [Read More...]

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Mosaic Portfolio Lookback – June 30, 2008

June 30 of 2008 was a period when the market was in a deep funk, and sinking.  In the following analysis we put the Mosaic Portfolio in that situation and analyze it, now knowing what happened.  What were the signals at that time?  Since the end of the first quarter, the projected return dropped slightly and the Return/Uncertainty ratio declined.  The diversification percentage … [Read More...]

Analyzing “Piotroski Style” Stocks

What does a Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis look like for some of the stocks that passed the Piotroski screen? Below is such an analysis. AWRFC data was not available and NPTN came up with too short of a record, thus cutting the number of companies to ten. Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.  Look for the first month special. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 13 April 2012

Although the individual portfolios declined in value since the last update, all gained ground when compared to the IRR VTSMX benchmark.  In most cases, the difference between the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the portfolio and the IRR for the ITA Index remained the same.  In a number of portfolios, the Sortino and Retirement Ratios dropped a fraction of a point. Click on title to … [Read More...]

Asset Allocation: Selecting A Plan

In response to questions that continue to emerge from readers regarding asset allocation breakdowns for various portfolios, I put together the following data table.  The first thing I did was to select seventeen (17) commission free (free to TDAmeritrade clients) ETFs that can be used to populate all the asset classes one might need to put together a portfolio.  If a user so desired, the … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” Plus “Conservative Delta Index”

Platinum members, here is the extended screen shot that includes another column of information. Platinum membership available for $5.00 per month. … [Read More...]

“Delta Factor” Changes Over Last Week

How are the "Delta Factor" projections altered after a positive week in the market?  To answer this question, I listed many of the ETFs used in various portfolios and ran the analysis for two different time frames.  The first screen shot shows the Delta and Delta Factor from 10/3/2007 through 10/3/2011.  The second screen shot captures the data from 10/10/2007 through … [Read More...]