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Portfolio Performance Data

Portfolios tracked using the Captool software have been updated as of 8/31/2010. All of these portfolios lost a little ground over the month of August to the Vanguard Total Market Index Fund, VTSMX, a primary benchmark. Portfolios tracked using the TLH spreadsheet will be available this Saturday (9/25/2010) and if the market holds, we expect most of the portfolios will show a positive separation … [Read More...]

Optimization-Momentum and QPP Analysis of Schrodinger: Part 1

Even though it is not time to update the Schrodinger, I am using it this Memorial Day (was called Decoration Day when I was a kid) to illustrate the OM Model.  Let me state immediately that I don't have a clue what the QPP analysis will project when the assets are optimized.  Wait and see what comes out of this analysis. I'll first start with the optimization-momentum model where I am using the … [Read More...]

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Managing Portfolio Uncertainty: How Does It Work?

In an effort to improve performance results and reduce portfolio volatility, a Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) plan has been activated for both the Maxwell and Euclid portfolios.  Checking the latest Portfolio Performance data table, we see these two portfolios are trailing the VTSMX benchmark, an unacceptable condition.  Keep in mind this is an extreme strategy, but it is based on … [Read More...]

Walgreen (WAG): A Service Company of Interest

As long-time ITA readers know, I am a strong advocate of using non-managed index ETFs to build portfolios.  However, there are times when I will add an individual stock, particularly if the Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis shows the stock will increase diversity and lower portfolio volatility.  While I have not run a QPP analysis with Walgreen (WAG) in a portfolio, this is a stock I've … [Read More...]

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Retirement Planning

Just a short note to all readers that this is a "must read" article on retirement planning. This Portfolioist article is along the lines of all "The Golden Rule of Investing" blog posts I've written in the past. … [Read More...]

Bohr Portfolio Update – 16 August 2011

August activity in the Bohr Portfolio includes purchases of RWX, VOE, and VEU.  All were small additions to bring the asset class percentages into closer alignment with the target goals.  Dividends for PG, BND and TIP provided a few dollars in cash.  Limit orders for DVY and VTV are in place to pull up Large-Cap Value, the one asset class that is under target.  Were I to use a … [Read More...]

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Monitoring VTI StockCharts

Keep an eye on the StockCharts graphs for VTI, VEU, VWO, VNQ, and RWX. This link will take readers to the VTI graph.  … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators: 15 March 2013

All the major markets increased in value this week, indicating more individual stocks are turning bullish based on Point and Figure (PnF) analysis.  However, the percentage of stocks is now so high there is little headroom available for future expansion.  If I were to extract one sector ETF out of what can be considered an over-bought market it would be VFH, the financial index from … [Read More...]