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Maxwell Portfolio Update: 9 October 2012

Since the last Maxwell update I sold and purchased a few shares in the blend areas to bring those asset classes back into balance.  Missing in the following dashboard is a recent purchase of VNQ, bringing REITs back into balance. … [Read More...]

Consensus on Wall Street is Risk of Decline Rising

USA Today Money section in this morning's paper asked the question - "Buy the dip?  Or protect the profits?"  The article debates whether or not this market will move higher or drop 5% to 10%.  The consensus of a high single digit retracement tracks our Bullish Percent Index projections and that is for the market to give up some of its recent gains.  Several analysts predict softness over the next … [Read More...]

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Preparation for Bohr Update

In preparation for the Bohr update, scheduled for this Wednesday, I ran a Hoadley ranking using three years of data with the assumption the market will grow at a 6.5% rate.  In the following screen shots I show the efficient frontier graph, the ranking of the Bohr holdings, and the possible buy-hold-sell recommendations.  First, the efficient frontier. Efficient Frontier:  Viewing the following … [Read More...]

New Feature To Be Added To ITA Wealth Management

A new feature or service will be added to ITA Wealth Management sometime over the next six weeks.  For those investors who choose to add individual stocks, such as high yield or "Piotroski stocks," a new analysis will be added.  This is software I use several years ago, but never included it in the ITA offerings. … [Read More...]

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The Asset Allocation Decision

What asset classes should be included in a portfolio?  Global diversification is highly recommended.  A well-diversified portfolio will contain, at a minimum, the following asset classes. … [Read More...]

Disadvantages of Passive (Index) Investing: Are There Any?

The arguments in favor of passive investing are far too compelling to completely ignore.  If there are any disadvantages, what are they? 1.  At one time the availability of passive or index funds were limited, particularly in certain asset classes.  Availability of index funds is no longer a problem as ITA readers know.  We can find an index ETF to fill every asset … [Read More...]

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Preparing the Euclid and Maxwell for October

Platinum members tracking the discussion on Seasonal Timing Strategy (STS) are aware of an alert signal that will arrive on October 1st.  In preparation for that time I am positioning the Euclid and Maxwell portfolios to hold assets in seven different asst classes.  I was hoping to use IWM, but it is not among the TDAmeritrade commission free ETFs.  Here are the ETFs I plan to use … [Read More...]

Equity ETFs And The “Delta Factor”

Are there any areas of the equity market that look positive for the next six to twelve months?  Even with a relatively strong market this summer, there are pockets of opportunity and they are indicated in the following table. … [Read More...]