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Why I Am Bearish On Bonds

In a comment last week I hinted that I had some new information as it related to bonds, TIPs, and treasuries (TLT).  Here is my reasoning why I continue to be bearish on bonds. This information is not available for publication elsewhere on the internet. … [Read More...]

Retirement Planning Web Sites

Below are links to three sites that will aid you in planning for retirement.  These resources come from Vanguard, The Motley Fool, and Fidelity. Here at ITA Wealth Management, we also have a retirement planner, but we require more information than the three sites referenced below. Here are the three references. 1. Vanguard site can be found here. 2. The Motley Fools site can be found at … [Read More...]

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Bohr Portfolio Review: 26 March 2012

Since the last Bohr update, I added shares of VWO to bring the emerging markets asset class closer to target.  Platinum readers can see that all bond and equity asset classes are in balance.  So far I've chose not to add international bonds to this portfolio.  I may do at sometime, but for now this portfolio is a rather aggressive equity oriented portfolio.  … [Read More...]

Kenilworth Portfolio Review

In late May, shares of TLT were sold out of the Kenilworth and replaced with shares of VTV, our large-cap value asset class.  This moved the emphasis toward U.S. Equities and further away from U.S. Bonds.  The optimizer is quite negative on bonds and I consider this to be the correct call as interest rates are beginning to rise and that is bad news for bonds.  The other change in June was to pick … [Read More...]

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Asset Allocation: High Risk Portfolio

The following high risk portfolios is the fifth portfolio plan in this series that began last week.  No bonds are included and readers can see what this does to the projected standard deviation value.  Pushing the SD over the 20% mark certainly qualifies as a high risk portfolio.  In the current market, our goal is to bring the projected SD down to something below 15%.  Even … [Read More...]

Goal Setting

What are your retirement investment goals?  Do you even think about setting goals?  Would this statement fit your situation? "I really would like to be able to pay for my children's education, retire, and enjoy my retirement."  While this statement covers a broad range of expectations, it is not specific.  Over what time frame do you intend to cover or reach these … [Read More...]

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Suggested Portfolio

A Platinum member sent in the following portfolio for a Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis and evaluation.  In the following screen shots, readers will see the tickers, percentages allocated to each, the QPP analysis, and a three-year look at the "Delta Factor" projections.  For the following QPP analysis, I used three years of historical data and assumed the S&P 500 … [Read More...]

Euclid Portfolio Review: 13 April 2012

Tomorrow I will take a careful look at the relative positions between the prices of the eight critical ETFs and their respective 195-Day EMAs.  Here is the current Dashboard for the Euclid and if any sales are required, an update of the Dashboard will be posted next week. … [Read More...]