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Software Used To Manage and Monitor ITA Portfolios

Several readers recently asked me what software I use to manage and monitor ITA portfolios.  Below is a list of materials I use. TLH Spreadsheet - This Excel spreadsheet was developed by Jim Thomas, Bakul Lalla, and Lowell Herr, hence the title TLH Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet is free for the asking.  I have numerous video/audio clips available so interested users can learn how to employ … [Read More...]

Different Styles of Investing*

Let me pose a problem or situation to ITA Wealth Management readers.  We have two intelligent investors who approach investing from entirely different philosophies. For simplicity we will call them Investor A and Investor B.  Investor A is an active manager and readers have already know what active management entails.  Investor B is a passive manager and you know a bit about passive … [Read More...]

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Bohr Portfolio Modifications

I made a few changes in the Strategic Asset Allocation plan for the Bohr Portfolio.  I am planning to sell off the holdings in mid-cap blend and small-cap blend, something I indicated I might do with the Einstein.  Those dollars will be moved to small-cap value in keeping with the Fama-French research. … [Read More...]

Analyzing “Piotroski Style” Stocks

What does a Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis look like for some of the stocks that passed the Piotroski screen? Below is such an analysis. AWRFC data was not available and NPTN came up with too short of a record, thus cutting the number of companies to ten. Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.  Look for the first month special. … [Read More...]

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Retirement: Are You Ready Financially?

What is all this investing discussion about other than to prepare for the financial aspects of retirement.  I am already in that stage of life, but this blog is written for those a long way from retirement as well as for retirees.  If I had my druthers, I would prefer to capture very young investors to this blog as time is crucial to successful retirement planning. When I gave … [Read More...]

Active vs. Passive Investing: Part 1

The article, "Why I Prefer Index Instruments" stirred up a little discussion on Seeking Alpha.  Within all the comments was a link to a most interesting 12 page rebuttal of passive investing.  I suggest readers print out this article and number the bullet points of each section.  My plan is to write twelve (12) blogs using as an outline the twelve points discussed in the … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Index: 31 May 2013

As expected, many of the numerical values for the various indexes and sectors dipped in the percentage of bullish Point and Figure graphs this week.  However, there were very few changes between the offensive and defensive teams as the dips were insufficient to cause a switch in sides from X's to O's.  The following two tables explain what I mean. This information is not for publication … [Read More...]

Delta Factor: Second Draft

Below is the second draft of additional Delta Factor calculations.  As one can see from this table, the trends or signals arrive early.  I'm still not satisfied with the algorithm used to generate the Buy, Hold, and Sell signals for these ETFs. Note the dramatic shift between 9/15/2008 and 10/15/2008.  When I see something like this I recheck my figures. … [Read More...]