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Portfolio for 30-Year Old

If you are between the ages of 25 and 35, you might find this analysis of interest.  I submitted this article to Seeking Alpha yesterday. Later this morning I look for an update of the Curie Portfolio. If this were the end of the month instead of the Winter Solstice, we would be taking out full positions in VTI, IWN, and VNQ.  Obviously, the U.S. market is performing much better than … [Read More...]

ETFs For Different Asset Classes

As requested in a recent comment, here are ETFs to use in the thirteen asset classes. ETF Table #1:  Since the table is so wide, I am not able to capture it in one screen shot so I broke it into two sections.  Here is the first piece.  In some cases it is a little hard to determine which asset class the ETF belongs as the letters are clipped.  For example, PCY goes into Int'l Bond and VEA into … [Read More...]

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Recent Piotroski Stocks

Platinum members following the Gauss Portfolio are aware that I have been adding "Piotroski Stocks" to this portfolio if any met all nine standards.  The stock is then held so long is it maintains a ranking of seven or higher.  The two stocks recently added to the Gauss were CRAI and PFIN.  Currently, only CRAI should be in the portfolio as it still carries a ranking of nine (9).  PFIN dropped … [Read More...]

Updating The Curie Portfolio: 23 July 2012

Updating the Curie Portfolio is upon us again.  Even though the Curie is not one of the five ITARR experimental portfolios, I am using a modified Tactical Asset Allocation version of the risk reduction model and that is why developed international markets and emerging markets are both under target.  The Dashboard, extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet, clearly shows where we are with … [Read More...]

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How Does A Beginning Investor Use The ITARR Model?

When one has been saving and investing as long as I have, it is easy to forget many of the initial steps necessary to launch and manage a portfolio.  In this blog post, I will attempt to fill in a few gaps, and even with this effort, I will most likely miss something.  That is why I appreciate questions.  I am using the Gauss Portfolio as my model for several reasons.  1) It is … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance: 16 March 2012

Results for the week of March 16th shows the continued power of the broad U.S. Equities market.  The VTSMX benchmark moves forward while broadly diversified portfolios advance, but not to the same degree.  This difference in performance was again the case for nearly every portfolio in the following data table. Should we change the diversification within the portfolios?  Not at this … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators Show Market Change

Nearly every major index and market sector showed improvement this week.  This came as a surprise, particularly as we enter the summer months.  However, the economy continues to strengthen, albeit rather slowly and not at all for too many citizens. The following information is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Index Data for May 17th

Just when one begins to think the market cannot get better - it does.  This week wrapped up another stellar five days for stocks based on a number of Bullish Percent Indicators (BPI). The following information is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]