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Mosaic Investing

Mosaic Investing Of the four styles of investing I covered over the last few days, the Mosaic style is the last and my favorite.  While the Mosaic investor tilts toward passive investing, there is still room for selecting a few individual stocks to complete the foundation of a portfolio.  Mosaic is an investing term I coined so it is not something one will read about in the popular … [Read More...]

William J. Bernstein Quotes

If you enjoy reading quotes as much as I do, check these out. I thought pulling out a few choice quotes from William Bernstein’s latest book, “The Investor’s Manifesto” would be of interest to readers.  For your reading pleasure on a Saturday afternoon. “For the past 200 years things have always worked out well in the long run for the owners of U.S. stocks. … [Read More...]

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Gauss Portfolio Update: 19 July 2013

The Gauss is youngest among the stable of eleven portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management and it is once more time to review this portfolio.  For new readers, each portfolio is reviewed or updated every 33 days.  Since the last Gauss review I sold shares from these ETFs: PCY, TLT, TIP, RWX, and JNK.  These sales pushed Bond and Income holdings down to 0.3% of the total portfolio.  The cash … [Read More...]

Delta Factor After 400 Point Drop

ITA Wealth Management readers likely want to know what the Delta and Delta Factor projections are indicating after the 400 point drop yesterday.  The buying trend has started, although we still could be early in the cycle.  The reason I think we may be early is that it is not unusual for the Delta Factor to make projections a few months early.  Two time ranges are shown in the … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 21 January 2012

This was a good week for most of the portfolios.  Not only did we see absolute gains, but relative improvement as well.  The majority of the portfolios gained a little ground on either the ITA Index, the VTSMX benchmark, or one of the three uncertainty measurements. The exaggerated figures related to Gauss are to be expected as this is a young portfolio.  Annualized calculations … [Read More...]

Smartest Portfolio You’ll Ever Own?

Below is a portfolio I extracted from Daniel Solin's recent book, "The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own."  Before I run a QPP analysis on one of the suggest portfolios, let me point out that the BWZ ETF did not have a three-year record.  As a result, the following analysis runs for only 31 months.  Under current market conditions, my preference is to use 48 … [Read More...]

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Seasonal Timing Strategy Update

Now that May is not far away articles and blog posts are springing up around the adage:  "Sell in May and go play" or "Sell in May and go away."  That is, play or stay out of the market until after Halloween.  I've written about this seasonal timing model myself, but is there anything to it?  After all, is the market not efficient?  If you Google Seasonal Timing Strategy a long list of articles … [Read More...]

Top Core Stocks Analyzed Using QPP Plus Delta Factor Projections

Seeking top core stocks from investors who participate in the Growth Forum, the following analysis shows portfolio projections, the correlations within the portfolio, and the "Delta Stock" projections. QPP Analysis:  Nearly equal percentages are assigned to each stock.  The analysis spans five years and the S&P 500 is projected to grow 7.0% per year over the next few years.  Readers … [Read More...]