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The Efficient Market Hypothesis

Kurtis Hemmerling's article, "Do You Believe in The Efficient Markets Hypothesis Co-Out?" caught my eye and I am always interested in what other writers have to say about the Efficient Market Hypothesis.  Hemmerling writes the following. "If you choose to believe in the EMH, then you should simply invest in a broad market ETF such as one that tracks the S&P 500 (SPY), … [Read More...]

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Passive Investing?

If passive investing is so successful, why is it that so few investors actually use this approach to construct and manage their portfolios?  Good question and one that likely has a scores of answers. Here are a few to consider. 1.  There is a large collection of investors who are confident they can beat the market.  Ego certainly enters into this thinking.  Why would I be … [Read More...]

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TLH Spreadsheet Change

I made a small change in the TLH spreadsheet by switching columns L and M.  I've attempted, without success, to make a short video explaining the reason for the move.* When looking up dividend/yield information on Yahoo-Finance, they only give yield information for ETFs.  Therefore, I want to enter that information into column L and have Excel™ make the calculations for the … [Read More...]

Maxwell Portfolio Update: 30 August 2013

As a reminder to new members, the Maxwell is one of three portfolios where all the transaction details are not available for viewing. One bit of good news for this portfolio is that over the last three months, or since launching a risk reduction model, the Maxwell picked up 140 basis points with respect to the ITA Index and 10 basis points on the VTSMX benchmark.  While the gain on VTSMX was … [Read More...]

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Portfolio #5: Ages 66 – 100

Retirement Portfolio Constructing a portfolio for the retirement years requires one to focus on portfolio risk or uncertainty while not neglecting return. If the portfolio asset allocation plan is too conservative, the return will not meet lifestyle expectations. Inflation is again on the rise and this needs to be taken into consideration when putting together a retirement oriented portfolio. … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance – 20 August 2010

For some reason, I expected to see greater decline in the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) values this week.  In a number of cases, the portfolios picked up a little ground on the performance of the VTSMX. Obviously, this is due to the broad diversity of the asset classes held in the portfolios. In a few cases, the ITA Index increased significantly and that is due to the addition of … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicator Update: 23 March 2013

Both broad markets and sectors of the market weakened this past week.  Not by much and the downward trend was not 100%, but Platinum members will see that the majority of the recorded values declined. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators For Broad Markets And Sectors

Market and Sector Bullish Percent Indicators According to the Bullish Percent Indicators, the broad markets improved this week.  Check both the broad market and sector tables shown below. Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.  Learn how to reduce portfolio risk. … [Read More...]