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Lost My Spouse – Part IV

  Conservative Portfolio for Living Spouse   The probability of losing a spouse is much greater after retiring than before retirement.  It is simply a matter of age.  Further, assume the person still living is less informed about investing than the deceased person.  Advanced age and not too savvy about investments is a combination that calls for a very conservative … [Read More...]

Investing Made Simple: Eight Basic Rules to Follow

As a review, here are the fundamental principles of investing. Follow The Golden Rule of Investing by saving more than you think you will need. Develop an investment plan and follow it. Build the portfolio around index funds or index ETFs.  I prefer low-cost ETFs.  Eschew individual stock selection as it is a losers game for all but a few. Diversify all over the globe.  Think outside the … [Read More...]

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Dividend Stock List

ITA Platinum members looking for dividend growth stocks will find this list of interest.  I am not recommending any companies for purchase, but rather throwing out a list of companies that passed stringent screens.  Do your own research before making any investment decisions. The following information is not for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

Optimization Correction For 12 ETF Portfolio

Here are the following assumptions I used to create the portfolio shown below.  1)  The S&P 500 is assumed to grow at 7% per year.  This percentage is adjusted by setting the Delta Return to -3.3% inside the QPP software.  2) I used five years of data running from 2/6/2008 through 2/6/2013.  3) The Solver Parameters are listed below. The following material is not available for publication … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Data: 2/16/11

Portfolio Performance Data Table When looking over the following data table, note when the portfolios were last updated as not all are current as of 2/16/11.  Portfolios tracked by Captool are only updated at the end of the month. As one looks down column 7 or the column of data measuring the difference between the IRR value for the portfolio and the IRR measurement for the ITA Index, one … [Read More...]

Kenilworth Portfolio Review: 19 December 2011

Since the Kenilworth Portfolio is lagging its VTSMX benchmark, I am paying closer attention to the asset allocation.  In addition, the Kenilworth is a candidate for the ITA Risk Reduction model.  Checking moments ago, all critical ETFs with exception of domestic REITs (VNQ) are priced below their respective 195-Day EMFs.  No limit orders are in place for the Kenilworth and we are in … [Read More...]

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Risk Management of Portfolio

Will your portfolio survive a three sigma event that is likely to happen over the next ten years?  Check out this link to see a sample analysis. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators: 1 February 2013

While several sectors showed some weakness this week, our primary index (NYSE) moved up slightly.  The data tables are shown below. The following material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]