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A Winter’s Solstice IV

Now that we are officially in the winter season, and it is beginning to feel like it, I thought it appropriate to recommend "A Winter's Solstice IV."  This CD is slightly out of the ordinary, yet one that contains enjoyable music.  Listen to the samples and see if the music fits your ear.  Here is the evaluation by one Amazon reviewer. "Perhaps it is possible for one's immediate circumstance to … [Read More...]

Lottery to Investing

Remember the lottery player (Lottery Foolishness) who earns $13,000 per year and uses 9% of those wages playing the lottery? What if those lottery dollars are investing in a basic portfolio instead of being wasted on lottery tickets.  Here is a Monte Carlo calculation of what the investor can expect at retirement age.  The results are not great, but they sure beat ending up with nothing. In … [Read More...]

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“Creme List” for March 18th

Platinum members will find the current "Creme List" below.  CTSH was removed from the list as it did not make the top group anytime over the last 13 weeks.  One stock was added as I will mention below.  Look for consistency and movement up or down on the list.  Some shifting took place over the last week.  This list is only for your "Bingo" … [Read More...]

Procter and Gamble (PG): A Test Analysis

The following analysis of Procter & Gamble (PG) is a test to see if I can upload readable graphics, and to illicit reactions from readers as to whether or not this type of individual stock analysis is useful. I am using PG as the test since it is a well known and established company.  Also, it is one of my holdings in at least one portfolio tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  To come up … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Data for 21 Portfolios

Portfolio Performance The data table below is incomplete as I am still working through all the dividends thrown off in the second quarter.  As I balance more portfolios with the June 30th statements I will be entering new data.  Be sure to refresh your browser when you land back on this page as new data will likely show up.  Portfolios tracked by Captool will have a 6/30/2011 date … [Read More...]

Is It Fair To Compare Performance Results Of Different Portfolios?

Is it fair to compare performance results of different portfolios?  ITA Platinum members have see a number of comparisons on this blog and I plan to publish more results.  However, there are inherent problems when it comes to portfolio performance comparisons.  Let me list a few as it is important to keep in mind these problems. 1) When selecting a sample portfolio from a web site … [Read More...]

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Risk Reduction: End of Month Analysis

If we were at the end of the month, how would we handle the ITA Risk Reduction model?  What ETFs would we be buying and which would we continue to place in the "neglect" bin for another month?  Checking StockCharts, three of the seven crucial ITARR ETFs are in the buy mode, while four are still well below their 195-Day EMAs. … [Read More...]

The Condition of Bonds Using Delta Factor

What is the current condition of bond ETFs and should they be part of the portfolio?  To examine this question one method of analysis is to apply the Delta Factor.  When I run a reversion-to-the-mean analysis on bonds, I use AGG as the reference or standard.  For equity ETFs I use the VTSMX total stock index fund.  In the following table each bond ETF is compared with the … [Read More...]