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Starting From Scratch: The Logic Behind the “Swensen Six” Portfolio

When it comes to building a portfolio, David Swensen's general guidelines provide numerous strong starting points.  His portfolio satisfies requirements of numerical diversification, equity orientation, and functional diversification.  While Swensen does not recommend specific tickers in his book, Unconventional Success, he lays out basic guidelines I consider vital to portfolio … [Read More...]

Hedgehog or Fox Investor?

Do you fall into the hedgehog or fox style of thinking, and how does it impact your investing methods? (The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”) Think about this for a moment before answering. Maybe we are all a little bit of both, but lean more to one side than the other in our thinking processes. As a Mosaic Investor, I like to think of myself as a “fox … [Read More...]

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QPP View of Twenty ETFs

Here is a QPP view of the twenty ETFs mentioned in the prior blog post.  I'll likely optimize these ETFs later.   … [Read More...]

Smartest Portfolio You’ll Ever Own?

Below is a portfolio I extracted from Daniel Solin's recent book, "The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own."  Before I run a QPP analysis on one of the suggest portfolios, let me point out that the BWZ ETF did not have a three-year record.  As a result, the following analysis runs for only 31 months.  Under current market conditions, my preference is to use 48 … [Read More...]

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Three Asset Class Portfolio

Suppose someone told you to build a portfolio, but the upper limit of investments was three.  You could pick three stocks, three mutual funds, three ETFs, or any combination of three investments.  What three investment vehicles would you select, and why would you pick these three? None of us wants to be limited to only three investments, but that is the challenge of this … [Read More...]

Euclid Portfolio Review: Major Asset Allocation Adjustment

What does the Strategic Asset Allocation plan look like for a portfolio built around the "New Portfolio" model?  Using the Euclid as a model, we move from having nearly all the asset classes in balance to a sea of blood with the new allocations.  Check out the Euclid Dashboard shown below. … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators For Sectors Is Positive

Just as the Bullish Percent Indicators are positive for the six indexes, the same is true for the ten sectors.  All showed gains over the past week and two switched from defense to offense.  Check the right side of the table shown below. … [Read More...]

Reviewing the ITA Risk Reduction Model

Readers not familiar with the ITA Risk Reduction model would do well to review this blog post.  Of the eleven portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management, five are undergoing testing of the ITARR model and they are: Maxwell, Euclid, Madison, Gauss, and Kenilworth.  Of these five, Platinum members have access to the trades for the Gauss and Kenilworth, but not the other … [Read More...]