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The Power of Consistent Savings

Two of the recent portfolios added to the stable of accounts tracked at ITA Wealth Management are the Kenilworth and Gauss.  Platinum members have access to all the transactions of these two portfolios.  I'll use the Kenilworth as the primary example of the power of consistent savings as the account was initially seeded with one $1,500 investment followed by another $1,000 addition.  After that, … [Read More...]

VTI Check

Virginia Beach, VA Approximately every 35 days I check to see where the current value of the VTI ETF is positioned with respect to the 190-Day Exponential Moving Average.  The reason for using the 190-Day EMA is tied to faster movement as compared to the 200-Day Simple Moving Average which most investors follow.  I want to be slightly ahead of the trend.  As Platinum members can … [Read More...]

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Where Should We Be With The Newton Portfolio?

The following optimization-momentum analysis shows where we should be position with Newton holdings were we to religiously follow the Hoadley spreadsheet recommendations. Efficient Frontier:  The current portfolio is nearly on the efficient frontier graph.  Overall the portfolio is a tad more conservative than the optimized portfolio, as indicated by the small red dot.  The diamond dot will … [Read More...]

New Normal Portfolio Revisited

Nearly two years ago, the New Normal Portfolio was launched by one of the ITA clients.  If you have been reading the comments, you know this is a defensive oriented portfolio.  Below is the latest QPP data on the NN.  The projected Return/Uncertainty (or Risk) is 0.57.  As I recall, when this portfolio was established two years ago, the ratio was well above 0.60.  The … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 2 March 2012

Most of the portfolios were either flat or lost a fraction of a performance percentage point this week.  The Newton and Bohr made small gains in a rather flat market. Portfolios that gained a little ground on the ITA Index, our customized benchmark, were; Kenilworth, Madison, and Gauss.  The Newton held even and the remaining portfolios fell slightly behind.  It is difficult, … [Read More...]

Benjamin Graham and Index Funds

Benjamin Graham is considered by many to be the father of value investing.  For more information on one of his last conversations, go to this site. Interviewer:  Can the average manager of institutional funds obtain better results than the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the Standard & Poor's Index over the years? Graham:  No. In effect, that would mean that the stock … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: 12 October 2012

Major Indexes:  The single major change this week is the move out of the overbought zone for the NYSE BPI.  That is the column that somehow was changed to 68.  That should read, NYSE.  Of less importance is the transportation average moving from defense to offense.  Nevertheless, that move is positive.   Sectors:  There were no significant changes in the 10 … [Read More...]

Examining Critical Risk Reduction ETFs

This is examination day for the Maxwell Portfolio and the market is in a swoon.  A few minutes ago I look at the "Critical Eight" ETFs and they are: VTI, IWN, VEU, VWO, VNQ, RWX, DBC, and PCY.  All are still priced above their 195-Day EMA, but some are getting close to crossing the EMA line.  For this reason, I will be waiting for the market to close before I make any … [Read More...]