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ITA Wealth Management: Adding Investment Knowledge

  ITA Wealth Management Blog: Unique Contributions     What makes the ITA Wealth Management blog different from other investing blogs? 1. ITA provides examples of actual portfolios of various size and different launch dates.   2. Platinum members have access to eight different portfolios showing all transactions, portfolio performance, benchmark performance, … [Read More...]

Tax Deferred Accounts: How To Begin Your Investment Plan

Planning and Saving for Retirement Whether you are just beginning to establish a tax-deferred or taxable account, the basics principles of investing are the same.  Saving and developing an investment plan are the basic starting points.  Readers of ITA Wealth Management have The Golden Rule of Investing drilled into their thinking so they understand the importance of saving and doing it as early … [Read More...]

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“Creme List” for January 14

  "Creme List" of Stocks Platinum members will find few changes in the "Creme List" this week.  Coach (COH) is back on the list, but otherwise, no significant changes. If you are running QPP portfolio analysis, adding three to five of these high quality companies will frequent increase the overall diversity and elevate the Diversification Metric. … [Read More...]

A Three- and Five-Year QPP Analysis Of The New Normal Portfolio

"New normal" is a term coined by the brain trust at the giant bond fund PIMCO.  Bill Gross is frequently given credit for coming up with this term as a way to underscore a change in the expected growth of our economy and investment markets.  "New Normal" is another way of stating that growth is slowing so prepare for it.  One way we prepare is to reset the … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Update: 15 October 2010

The data table below includes updates for the ten portfolios tracked using the Captool software. Those portfolios are current through 9/30/2010 and the ten portfolios tracked using the TLH spreadsheet are updated through 10/15/2010. If you have never seen one of these Portfolio Performance data before, the last two columns, Sortino Ratio (SR) and Retirement Ratio (RR) are significant in that they … [Read More...]

Low Risk Retirement Portfolio

Yesterday, I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha and one reader suggested a simple portfolio where equal percentages be allocated to VTI, GLD, SHY, and TLT.  Exactly what does such a portfolio look like when a Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis is applied?  What does the correlation matrix look like and would such a portfolio work as one prepares for retirement?  The following … [Read More...]

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The Delta Factor and International Markets

Recently I was looking at Price-195-Day EMA graphs for a number of international countries and I came upon one for Italy, a country in distress.  While I normally view this graph over a one-year period to gain additional clarity, I changed the scale to three years as that is the time frame I used for the QPP and Delta Factor analysis.  I noticed that EWI hit a peak around May of 2012.  As a … [Read More...]

Gauss Portfolio Review: Efficient Frontier, Rankings, and Decisions

Thirty-three days rolled by and it is once more time to update the Gauss Portfolio.  Remember, this is one of the risk reduction model portfolios. Efficient Frontier:  Recent buy and sell adjustments moved the current portfolio (diamond dot) much closer to the optimized portfolio (red dot on EF curve).  In fact they are almost one and the same.  Platinum members can do a search of Gauss to see … [Read More...]