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Five Critical Investment Decisions

    Gordon Murray and Daniel Goldie lay out five investment decisions in their book, "The Investment Answer."  While not a complete list, these five will launch a beginning investor. If investors were to follow Murray and Goldie's advice, far fewer dollars would flow from portfolios into the coffers of Wall Street.  The following decisions are found on pages 6 … [Read More...]

Active vs. Passive Decision

Active vs. Passive Management If the decision to handle your own investments is the answer to question #1 in this series, then going Passive is a no-brainer. The evidence for the passive approach to investing is so overwhelming anyone but Warren Buffett taking the active route needs to study statistics. Goldie and Murray write, "The Efficient Market Hypothesis asserts that no investor will … [Read More...]

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Sample Portfolio #1

Here is the analysis of a portfolio recently mailed to me.  This analysis is one of the perks that come with Platinum membership.  The first screen shot shows the QPP analysis and the second slide is the correlations of the securities within the context of the portfolio.  Comments are welcome from Platinum readers. … [Read More...]

Swensen Six With & Without Stocks

Benefits to Super Charging Portfolio With Stocks Two portfolios are displayed below.  In the first we have a portfolio made up of only six ETFs.  I call this the Swensen Six. To point out some critical features, note the projected average annual return of 7.89% or 7.9% rounded.  This is based in the assumption the S&P 500 will return an average annual return of 7.0%. The … [Read More...]

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Bohr Portfolio Update: 21 June 2011

Bohr Portfolio Review This being the Summer Solstice, it seems prudent to review another portfolio.  This time it is the Bohr Portfolio, one of the better performing portfolios.  A limit order is in place to buy RWX to fill in the International REITs gap.  I also have orders set to see some of the bond/income generators as that asset class is being pulled back to 5%.  Several … [Read More...]

Monte Carlo Retirement Calculator

Have any readers heard the example of saving $2,000 per year starting at age 19, and only saving for eight years?  Assuming a return of 10% a year, how much will this individual have at age 65?  Then we take another investor who begins saving $2,000 per year on the year the first investor stopped.  The second investor also is fortunate enough to earn 10% per year.  Keep in mind … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: 15 March 2013

All the major markets increased in value this week, indicating more individual stocks are turning bullish based on Point and Figure (PnF) analysis.  However, the percentage of stocks is now so high there is little headroom available for future expansion.  If I were to extract one sector ETF out of what can be considered an over-bought market it would be VFH, the financial index from … [Read More...]

Delta Factor Projections for International ETFs

Nearly two months ago I published "Delta Factor" projections for a wide array of international ETFs.  Using data from the last three years, what are the current projections and of those showing a Buy opportunity, which are most promising to grow over the next six to twelve months.  The data table makes for a colorful array of options. … [Read More...]