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Optimizing Dividend Stocks

Here is my optimization analysis on a 12-Dividend portfolio made up of individual stocks.  It might be interesting to look at a portfolio made up of 20 to 30 individual stocks. I like the 9.0 projected return and the high Return/Risk ratio.  A yield of 2.7% is also quite respectable. Do these results match others who are using this optimizer in conjunction with the QPP software? … [Read More...]

Five Investing Basics

The Basic Rules of Investing Readers of "The Investment Answer" will remember the five decisions laid out by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray.  If you need a quick reminder, go to this site for a review.  You will recall I disagree with Goldie and Murray on the conclusion of the first decision of portfolio management.  Will you do it yourself or will you seek … [Read More...]

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Einstein Portfolio Review: 19 July 2011

Photograph:  Taken at a distance and cropped. Since the last review of the Einstein Portfolio, shares of HYG were sold so as to bring the bond/income asset class back into balance.  Two asset classes are still out of the 25% Threshold range, but we are making good progress with the Einstein.  One limit order is in place for International REITs.  When the order is filled … [Read More...]

Kepler Portfolio Update: 27 December 2011

Twenty-five shares of VWO were added to the Kepler Portfolio last week.  This addition brought the Emerging Market asset class within the 25% target limit, but still left the portfolio 118 shares below the targeted percentage.  Platinum members will note the Dashboard or Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) plan below.  If I make changes over the next few weeks it will result in … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Data for June 16, 2011

Asset Allocation Is Working The good news is that all eleven portfolio tracked using the TLH spreadsheet demonstrated the power of asset allocation by performing better than the VTSMX benchmark.  In almost every case, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for the portfolio also showed improvement when measured against the ITA Index. While the IRR for the portfolio and IRR for the ITA Index … [Read More...]

Asset Allocation Plan for ITA-RR

Below is the asset allocation plan for the new risk reduction portfolio.  Names suggested thus are Dirac and ITA-RR.  This portfolio would be appropriate for investors age 35 to 50 as the allocation to bonds is a tad over 30%. This allocation, combined with the 10% commodity allocation holds the projected volatility under 15%. … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: Four Switch Positions

Bullish Percent Indicator (BPI) information is a relatively new addition here at ITA Wealth Management.  It is another investment arrow we are including in our investment quiver.  A major change I made this week is to move from an arithmetic measurement of the box size to a log or percentage scale for calculating the box size.  Just as it makes sense to calculate portfolio increases … [Read More...]

Update On ITARR Big Seven ETFs

Most of us using the ITA Risk Reduction model are in the "neglect" period so this information is not all that essential.  For those who are still thinking about using ITARR, all but VTI are now priced below their respective 195-Day EMAs.  Yes, IWN, VEU, VWO, VNQ, IGE, and RWX are all priced below their EMAs.  Some are well below while others are only a tad below. Once … [Read More...]