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American Workers Unprepared

ITA Wealth Management is not so much a blog of how to make money as it is a blog to help investors achieve retirement goals.  According to recent Department of Labor statistics on retirement sufficiency, U.S. workers retiring in the 2050s will have saved only enough in their 401(k) accounts to replace an average of 22% of their pre-retirement income.  What is staggering is that 37% will have no … [Read More...]

Winter Solstice Arrives On Pacific Coast

Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice occurs at 3:12 AM PST. "Sol" refers to the Sun and "stice" means to stand still. Each day before the Winter Solstice the Sun appears a little lower in the sky at noon. The Sun’s altitude at Noon on the Winter Solstice, as seen from the Portland area, is approximately 21 degrees above the southern horizon.  After the Winter Solstice the Sun appears a little … [Read More...]

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Sample Portfolio Analysis: Part II

The following portfolio analysis makes use of the Hoadley-momentum-optimizer spreadsheet.  Providing a "cat-bird-seat" view of the portfolio is the efficient frontier graph.  We follow that with a ranking of the securities and finally, the Buy-Hold-Sell Recommendations.  Please note that the number of shares only represent percentages and is not a picture of the actual size of this … [Read More...]

Schrodinger Portfolio Faces Off Against Similar DFA Asset Allocation

The Schrodinger Portfolio is our premier passively managed portfolio that has been operational since 12/01/2000.  Looking back over the past five years (6/29/2007 - 6/29/2012), how well has this portfolio performed when compared to a portfolio made up of DFA mutual funds with a similar asset allocation plan?  The results are rather stunning in favor of the Schrodinger. Schrodinger … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Update

Photograph: Fountain on the waterfront in Charleston, SC It is all about performance and risk Every portfolio tracked using the TLH spreadsheet gained ground on the VTSMX benchmark and nearly all improved with respect to the ITA Index benchmark.  These improvements also brought higher values for both the Sortino Ratio (SR) and the Retirement Ratio (RR).  It is unusual to have such a … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance – 27 August 2010

While this was not a particularly strong week for the broad market, the six (Curie, Newton, Schrodinger, Einstein, Kepler & Bohr) portfolios I updated this week performed better than expected. In general, the six portfolios showed improvement in both the Sortino and ITA ratios. Due to broad diversification, most of the six picked up ground on the broad market as measured by the VTSMX … [Read More...]

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Risk Parity Analysis of Modified “Ivy-10″ Portfolio

When investors populate their portfolios with stocks or equity ETFs, it is easy to forget just how exposed the portfolio is to risk.  The following analysis is a reminder of the high risks we take when constructing portfolios.  To know a little more about Risk Parity, check out this link. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators: 21 December 2012

This past week, despite the political problems in Washington, saw improvement in many of the broad market indexes and individual sectors.  Platinum members can check the results in the following two tables. The following information is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]