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Market Movement Trumps Asset Allocation

Market, Management or Asset Allocation Much as we advocate asset allocation here at ITA Wealth Management, it is difficult to argue with the latest Ibbotson research that demonstrates the importance of market movement when it comes to portfolio performance.  This should not come as a surprise as we have all seen our investments rise and fall as if they are highly correlated with Mr. … [Read More...]

Buffett or Steadman

For every Warren Buffet there are a hundred Charlie Steadman's.  While nearly every investor has heard of Buffett, few remember Charlie Steadman. Is there a reason for this short memory? “Until he died at age 83 in 1997, Charlie Steadman burned through investors’ assets at a rate unseen in the fund business since the Great Depression–and, we hope, never to be seen … [Read More...]

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Analysis of Submitted Portfolio

The following list of tickers and associated percentages were submitted for analysis.  I made a few changes that may have a small impact on the projected outcomes.  For the bond allocation I am using BND as the holding.  For cash I used TIP, not an exact, but reasonable replacement.  TIP actually gives the portfolio a return boost. The analysis was cut to something under three years as a number … [Read More...]

Preparation for Kepler Review

Next week the Kepler is up for review and the following information is in preparation for that update.  I want to know where the current portfolio is positioned with respect to an optimized portfolio and what additions or subtractions are necessary to push the current asset allocation toward the optimized asset allocation.  To examine past data on the Kepler, simply do a search for the portfolio.  … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 25 February 2011

Photograph: Harvest in the Sacred Valley of Peru with Andes in the background. Portfolio Performance Since posting the last performance table, the February 25 update shows nearly all portfolios gaining ground on the benchmarks.  Several of the larger portfolios also exhibited an increase in both the Sortino and Retirement Ratios.  It seems as if the portfolios are structured to show … [Read More...]

Dividend Portfolio

Looking for a low risk dividend portfolio?  Check out this portfolio sample that I posted over on Seeking Alpha.  There are a number of positive features to this portfolio.  First, it meets all the QPP analysis goals as laid out in the article.  Second, it provides good diversification without too many ETFs. There is a negative or two.  If one is using this array of … [Read More...]

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Changing Positions of Maxwell and Kepler

Photograph: Covered Bridge at Grist Mill just east of Woodland, Washington One of the five ITA Risk Reduction (ITARR) model portfolios is the Maxwell.  Last Friday several asset classes, as represented by particular ETFs, dropped below the critical 195-Day EMA trigger point.  Trailing Stop Loss Orders were set and today, May 8th, a number were triggered.  Shares of VEU and VWO were … [Read More...]

Retirement Target Return Revisited

Retirement Target Return Investors always have a goal for their portfolio, whether stated directly or indirectly.  For some it may be as simple as to not lose money.  For others it is to outperform a benchmark.  Exactly what is the Retirement Target Return (RTR) and how does it fit in with portfolio risk management?  RTR is one of the factors found in the Retirement Ratio (RR) … [Read More...]