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Fama & French’s Three-Factor Model

This is a revision of a blog I posted over a year ago. In 1992, Fama and French broke out their three-factor model and changed the way we construct portfolios. Again, quoting from Hebner as to how the three-factor model advanced the relationship between return and risk as it relates to a portfolio. “The Fama/French model added two other fundamental determinants. Fama and French sought to … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicator Update

In the Bullish Percent Indicator data table below, I want to draw your attention to several features.  1) Look at the latest data in the 06/01/12 row.  The left-hand number, 46.62, is the most important as that indicates the percent of stocks in the NYSE that are generating a bullish PnF graph. [Next time I will include the headers or titles in the screen shot.]  That percent … [Read More...]

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Kenilworth Portfolio Review: 23 November 2012

Early this month I purchased a few shares of VOT to bring mid-cap growth back into balance.  Another change in the Kenilworth occurred back on 10/24/12 when I sold shares of DBC as the price of this commodity ETF was below its 195-Day EMA.  That is the reason the commodity asset class is below target.  Remember, the Kenilworth is one of the ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios.  I will need to see … [Read More...]

Bohr Portfolio Review: 27 July 2011

Few changes occurred in the Bohr Portfolio since the last review.  The asset allocation remains the same, and as readers can see in the first screen shot, most of the asset classes are in balance.  Excluding cash, only Small-Cap Growth and Bonds/Income are out of balance.  Limit orders are in place to correct these imbalances, but as I wrote last weekend, I lowered the … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Data: 10 August 2013

  What happened since the last portfolio performance back in late July?  The results are mixed and the changes were slight as one might expect. Portfolios that gained ground on the ITA Index were: Curie, Einstein, Maxwell, Euclid, and Madison.  The Newton, Schrodinger, Kenilworth, and Kepler held even and only the Bohr and Gauss lost ground.  Keep in mind that not all dividends have … [Read More...]

Lost My Spouse – Part III

Determine your long-term cash flow. How much monthly income is required?  Will income from pension and social security meet the cash flow requirements or is additional money required from the portfolio?  For most single retired individuals, some income is required from the portfolio.  My recommendation is to pull no more than 4% annually from the portfolio.  The lower the … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” for International ETFs

What is the outlook for international ETFs?  The following screen show shows the "Delta Factor" projections for a long list of options. … [Read More...]

Market Watchers Pay Attention

Technical Analysis: StockChart Graphs ITA Wealth Management readers know I am not a market timer.  Nevertheless, one should not be oblivious to market movements, particularly when cash is sitting on the sideline.  When is a good time to start investing that cash?  Possible technical signals are shown below.  As I update my "Watch List" I will post the percentages of … [Read More...]