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To Use or Not Use Short or Contra ETFs

ITA Wealth Management readers know that the ultra-short ETF, SDS, is held in several portfolios. That position may need more thought based on information from a recent article in the AAII Journal. SDS is an ultra-short or contra ETF. What that means is the SDS is designed to move in the opposite direction as the S&P 500. In fact, it is to move twice as fast in the opposite direction as the … [Read More...]

The Rebalancing Decision

In Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray's little 80 page book, The Investment Answer, they set up five critical decisions.  All have been addressed elsewhere on this blog, but I want to review their number five - The Rebalancing Decision.  Thus far the decisions covered are: 1) The Do-It-Yourself  2) The Asset Allocation  3) The Diversification and 4) The Active versus … [Read More...]

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Piotroski Stocks: An Update

In the following screenshot Platinum members will find the latest list Piotroski Stocks.  These stocks have a High F-Score of eight (8) or higher. The following information is not available for publication elsewhere on the internet without my permission.  LGH … [Read More...]

QPP Projections for the Bohr Portfolio

As promised, here is the Quantext Portfolio Planning analysis for the Bohr Portfolio.  Since I ran the analysis, shares of VEU and VWO were sold.  These ETFs plunged well below their 195-Day EMAs early this morning so I decided to protect gains and sell off, not all, but the majority of shares held in emerging markets and developed international markets.  This move is contrary to … [Read More...]

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Retirement Portfolio: Part Two

As pointed out in this blog post, one first selects asset classes for a retirement portfolio.  Then comes the difficult part of selecting what percentage to allocate to each ETF or asset class.  Below is a basic allocation that is not optimized.  In a later post I will run through an optimization of this set of ETFs to see if the projected return can be enhanced and still lower projected risk. … [Read More...]

SORDEX Ratio Blog Post Reworked

I just reworked an older SORDEX blog post.  The reason I did not bring this post forward is that there are links when one searches for this information on the Internet and I don't want to break those links. I will likely rework this concept using the latest projected portfolio volatility as the numbers don't look quite so bad with the lower standard deviation projections. … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Index Update: 9 August 2013

Each week readers are treated to a broad look at major U.S. markets as well as sectors of the equities market.  This week shows slight declines in the major markets, but not sufficient to turn the ball over to defensive teams.  All the major markets remain sufficiently positive to record X's in the right-hand column of the Point and Figure graphs.  Examine both tables below for detailed … [Read More...]

Market Conditions: Where Are We?

Technical Analysis of Broad Market In a recent article from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII), one writer wrote the following. "I recommend that investors form a major market opinion first.  Is it a long-term bull market or bear market?  Bear markets should not deter investment, but being aware of them is important in order to determine how aggressive you … [Read More...]