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Mebane Faber’s New e-Book – Shareholder Yield

Those reader's who have read Faber & Richardson's book "The Ivy Portfolio" might be interested in downloading Faber's new book - "Shareholder Yield".  It's a bit of a marketing tool for his new ETF but the price is right - it's free for the next 5 days - and there's some interesting information in … [Read More...]

“New Normal” Debate Is On

Here are two references that articulate different points of view as to whether or not we are going to face a "New Normal" over the next decade. The first site pits Ken Fisher against the position of El-Erian. The second site is referenced in the first paper. … [Read More...]

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Curie Portfolio Review: 8 March 2012

It is again time to update the Curie Portfolio so we once more begin with the Dashboard, the worksheet extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet.  For new readers, the Dashboard is the Strategic Asset Allocation plan for the portfolio.  ITA readers will note the portfolio is skewed or tilted toward the value side of the investing spectrum.  Since the last update, I made a few minor 1% … [Read More...]

ITA Index: Preparation For Calculation

If you are interested in comparing the Internal Rate of Return of your portfolio vs. a customized benchmark, then consider using the ITA Index which is part of the TLH Spreadsheet.  Using the S&P 500 (VFINX) or the total market index (VTSMX) focuses too much on the U.S. Equities market.  Neither is an appropriate benchmark for most portfolios.  To benchmark properly, one need to include asset … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Data: 10 August 2013

  What happened since the last portfolio performance back in late July?  The results are mixed and the changes were slight as one might expect. Portfolios that gained ground on the ITA Index were: Curie, Einstein, Maxwell, Euclid, and Madison.  The Newton, Schrodinger, Kenilworth, and Kepler held even and only the Bohr and Gauss lost ground.  Keep in mind that not all dividends have … [Read More...]

Starting From Scratch: The Logic Behind the “Swensen Six” Portfolio

When it comes to building a portfolio, David Swensen's general guidelines provide numerous strong starting points.  His portfolio satisfies requirements of numerical diversification, equity orientation, and functional diversification.  While Swensen does not recommend specific tickers in his book, Unconventional Success, he lays out basic guidelines I consider vital to portfolio … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” and Market Inflection Points

To acquire additional background on the "Delta Factor" use the search engine located in the sidebar of ITA Wealth Management.  Some of the blog posts require Platinum membership to read all the information.  In this blog post I examine a group of ETFs using three time intervals.   Here are the intervals for analysis 3/31/2006 - 3/31/2009  (Looking forward, … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators Show A Stronger Market

Regardless how one might perceive the market this past week, the Bullish Percent Indicators are telling us the overall market is stronger. Major indexes:  The S&P 500 turned the ball over to the offensive team.  More large-cap stocks are showing up with positive bullish point and figure graphs.  The only index not on the offensive is the NASDAQ 100.  Keep in mind that I am … [Read More...]