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Anne Murray: CD Recommendation for November

One of my favorite female singers is Anne Murray as she has one of the most melodious and easy to listen to alto voices.  Of the many CD she has recorded, I'll begin with Croonin'.  Perhaps I will list other favorites in the future.  If you are not familiar with Murray, this is a great CD to use as a starter. Here is one positive review from an Amazon viewer. "I've been a fan of Anne Murray … [Read More...]

Photodex Photo Shows

As a break from investing, if interested, take a look at some of my photo shows over at http://www.photodex.com.  One of my favorite shows is the one featuring Utah National Parks.    Here are the instructions for viewing my slide shows on the Internet at the Photodex site. These shows will not work on a Mac as Photodex does not provide a Mac viewer. 1.  Go to … [Read More...]

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Alternative Number One Portfolio

Photograph: Arch in St. Louis - captured by Tom Bishop of Denver. In the following portfolio, slight adjustments are introduced.  First, I made the correction of using VO instead of VOE.  EXCEL™ automatically filled in the "E" when I intended to use the mid-cap blend ETF, VO.  In this allocation arrangement, U.S. Fixed Income, BND, is reduced from 17% to 12%.  … [Read More...]

Newton Portfolio Update: 19 October 2011

Extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet is the Newton Dashboard shown below.  In the white background are the Strategic Asset Allocation percentages for the different asset classes.  Numerous asset classes are still out of balance as I attempt to bring the portfolio back within the 20% threshold limits.  I'm not in a hurry to do so as ETF prices are frequently below their 195-Day … [Read More...]

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Five Essential Financial Directives

Five Essential Financial Guidelines   1) Pay down credit card debt and never, ever borrow from a bank using a credit card. There is no way you will earn as much year after year through investments as you are paying interest on credit card debt. Simply put, pay off the credit card balance in full each month. There is no interest rate to hate as much as credit card interest. 2) Save as … [Read More...]

Using the Delta Indicator

Quantext Portfolio Planner Expanded While I hope to have the following article published on Seeking Alpha, I am permitted to make it available to Platinum readers since it is not readily available free on the Internet.  Here is the article as I submitted it to SA.  Platinum members have see this expansion of the QPP analysis before, but I don't recall ever posting both extremes so … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicator Update: 19 October 2012

Despite the poor market yesterday, not too much changed in the Bullish Percent Indicator world.  As Platinum members can see from the tables below, many of the sectors and/or indexes dipped in the number of companies showing positive BPI values (X's in the right-hand column), but few handed the ball over to the defense. … [Read More...]

ETF Indicator Table

The following table, available only to Platinum members, indicates the current condition of the eight critical ETFs we are using for the ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios. … [Read More...]