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ETFs For Different Asset Classes

As requested in a recent comment, here are ETFs to use in the thirteen asset classes. ETF Table #1:  Since the table is so wide, I am not able to capture it in one screen shot so I broke it into two sections.  Here is the first piece.  In some cases it is a little hard to determine which asset class the ETF belongs as the letters are clipped.  For example, PCY goes into Int'l Bond and VEA into … [Read More...]

Introducing New Sector Security

I'm introducing a new sector security to a number of portfolios even though I have yet to purchase any shares.  I want this "arrow in my investing quiver" just in case I decide to add shares to the portfolio.  I came upon this unique ticker while reading a financial journal.  Here is the ticker symbol and what it is designed to do. This material is not available for publication elsewhere on the … [Read More...]

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Dividend Stock List

ITA Platinum members looking for dividend growth stocks will find this list of interest.  I am not recommending any companies for purchase, but rather throwing out a list of companies that passed stringent screens.  Do your own research before making any investment decisions. The following information is not for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

Year End Portfolio Hints

This year, the last business day arrives on December 31st and that gives us a chance to balance our portfolios to the nearest penny. At least TDAmeritrade clients have a high probability of receive access to their statements before the market opens the following week. Go through your portfolio Monday and see if you have any tax losses you might want to capture in 2010. If the loss is small, I … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance – 27 August 2010

While this was not a particularly strong week for the broad market, the six (Curie, Newton, Schrodinger, Einstein, Kepler & Bohr) portfolios I updated this week performed better than expected. In general, the six portfolios showed improvement in both the Sortino and ITA ratios. Due to broad diversification, most of the six picked up ground on the broad market as measured by the VTSMX … [Read More...]

Preparing for Einstein Update

One of the primary reasons for the advanced preparation for the Einstein update is to show readers a list of ETFs that provide global coverage while including enough low correlated ETFs for all types of markets.  This list of ETFs does not differ all that much from the 18 used in The Feynman Study.  Instead of many iShares I've substituted Vanguard ETFs as they have sufficient historical records … [Read More...]

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What Is The Meaning of Those X’s and O’s?

This morning a question was posed as to the meaning of the X's and O's in the PnF graphs.  One good source of information is StockCharts.  Another excellent source is Thomas Dorsey's book, Point & Figure Charting. The older and less expensive version will work fine. At the heart of PnF graphing is the law of supply and demand.  When the demand for a stock exceeds … [Read More...]

Sortino Ratio Update

Investors using the TLH spreadsheet and in particular, the SR worksheet, will find this video/audio clip a refresher in updating the Sortino and Retirement ratios. One of the first changes to make in the calculation is to update the inflation rate. The latest data shows inflation moving from 1.1% to 1.2%. Readers can find this information on a site titled, U.S. Inflation Calculator. In the … [Read More...]