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“The Power of Passive Investing”

"The Power of Passive Investing" is the title of Richard A. Ferri's latest book. My copy arrived yesterday and I will be writing and amplifying on certain topics over the next few weeks and likely into the new year. It is a book filled with excellent ideas. A principle thrust of the book is one of pitting passive investing up against active investing or active portfolio management. … [Read More...]

High Yield Retirement Portfolio

A Platinum member submitted the following portfolio for analysis.  The portfolio is designed to throw off income for a retiree and as you can see, the historical yield is a very high 4.6% so the portfolio is meeting that goal.  Take note that the portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 and did it with much lower risk. The projected return over the next six to twelve months is 7.6% or very close … [Read More...]

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Graham – Dodd List of Stocks

We hear many positive comments about the investment strategies advocated by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.  What stocks crop up if one were to use a Graham-Dodd screen to isolate stocks from a database of over 9,000 companies?  Below is such a list.  We look for low price-to-net current asset value stocks. As you look over this list of companies, keep in mind what Benjamin Graham … [Read More...]

Einstein Portfolio Review: 2 May 2012

Due to the blog shutdown, I'm a few days late with this update.  That delay only means that all the April data (April dividends) is included in this review.  Below is the current Dashboard as extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet.  … [Read More...]

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Requesting Yield To Exceed 3.0%

This morning I had an article published over on Seeking Alpha.  One reader requested what would happen if one of the constraints was to seek a yield of 3.0% or higher.  Below is the Optimization Analysis that meets this request when using the 16 ETF portfolio. The add link function does not seem to be working this morning so below is the URL to the SA … [Read More...]

Retirement Portfolio: Part Two

As pointed out in this blog post, one first selects asset classes for a retirement portfolio.  Then comes the difficult part of selecting what percentage to allocate to each ETF or asset class.  Below is a basic allocation that is not optimized.  In a later post I will run through an optimization of this set of ETFs to see if the projected return can be enhanced and still lower projected risk. … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” Update for Bonds

It has been several weeks since I posted information on the "Delta Factor" for bonds.  I don't pay a lot of serious attention to this information, but I do observe the projections to see if there are elements of interest.  In this post, Vale Capital II (CJS) stands out as a possibility.  I'm not familiar with CJS.  I recall a reader of this blog asked that … [Read More...]

Current State of ITARR ETFs

Platinum members paying attention to the ITA Risk Reduction model will note that the prices of three of seven critical ETFs moved above their 195-Day EMAs.  Those ETFs are listed below with the link to the critical graph. … [Read More...]