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Lottery to Investing

Remember the lottery player (Lottery Foolishness) who earns $13,000 per year and uses 9% of those wages playing the lottery? What if those lottery dollars are investing in a basic portfolio instead of being wasted on lottery tickets.  Here is a Monte Carlo calculation of what the investor can expect at retirement age.  The results are not great, but they sure beat ending up with nothing. In … [Read More...]

What To Do As Congress Debates and Postures

Investors are faced with many questions as Congress continues to waste precious time in solving what has become known as the "Financial Cliff."  How are you going to handle your portfolio over the next few months and what are the best practices to follow?  My advice is to do very little to next to nothing, but to expect a bumpy ride.  When I say "very little," I would not be adding large shares to … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Monitoring – Kepler Portfolio – 6 June 2011

Kepler Portfolio Monitoring Asset Allocation is one of our guiding principles, and it is modeled properly in the Dashboard of the Kepler Portfolio.  To get to this point I did need to allocate 1% point to cash and reduce Large-Cap Blend by one percentage point.  I am still using a 25% threshold with this portfolio as the total portfolio value is modest.  Nevertheless, this is the … [Read More...]

Reviewing The Portfolio

Kepler Portfolio Review Monday's calendar tells me it is time for another review of the Kepler Portfolio.  Below is the Dashboard for this portfolio and readers will note nearly all the asset classes are within the target limits.  Those limits are +/- 20% as set by the Threshold inside the TLH Spreadsheet.  Only emerging markets is slightly below target.  If new cash comes … [Read More...]

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Risk-Parity Portfolio: What Is It And What Does A Risk Portfolio Look Like?

Reducing Risk Through Risk-Parity Risk-Parity: Have you heard of the term or seen reference to this style of portfolio construction?  Join the crowd if this is new to you, even though the Risk-Parity idea has been around for quite a few years.  Risk-Parity is an alternative approach to portfolio construction where assets are allocated based on risk rather than allocation according to … [Read More...]

Year-End Portfolio Performance

TLH Portfolio Performance Data The following data table includes updates for portfolios tracked by the TLH spreadsheet.  Portfolios tracked by Captool will be updated sometime this week and I should have the results posted by January 8. In almost every case, the updated portfolios showed gains with respect to the VTSMX benchmark. Most of the portfolios lost ground to the customized … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators Update: 5 April 2013

We are finally beginning to see weakness in several markets, not that this is a desired outcome.  However, with most of the major markets and sectors at "nose bleed" levels, it is only a matter of time before cracks begin to show.  That time has come, although it is still very minor.  Here is the evidence. The following material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators: 28 September 2012

The broad market decline showed up in a number of the indexes and sectors as Platinum readers will see in the following data tables.  To check these results, be sure to set the BPI graphs to calculate percentage changes, not the traditional setting. … [Read More...]