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Investment Resolutions

With the start of a new year, it is a good idea to establish some goals or resolutions.  We want to be able to keep these resolutions and many on the list below are not new to readers of ITA Wealth Management.  So let us begin. 1.  Lay out an investment plan. 2.  Pay off credit card debt. 3.  Establish a savings plan.  Follow the Golden Rule of Investing. 4.  … [Read More...]

Current Valuation of U.S. Market

This past weekend I was in conversation with an investment manager and he argued that stocks are currently undervalued.  In fact, they are at their lowest value since the 1950s.  Frankly, I was shocked to hear this analysis.  That conclusion did not correlate with my sense of the market so I began to search the Internet for market valuation figures and I came upon a most interesting … [Read More...]

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Asset Allocation Changes In The Madison Portfolio

With a number of asset classes below target, since dollars are on the sideline in cash, now is the time to rework the Strategic Asset Allocation plan of the Madison Portfolio.  The following Dashboard is a move to emulate the "Swensen Six" portfolio without adding individual stocks. … [Read More...]

Einstein Portfolio Review

One of the benefits of looking at the Einstein Portfolio is to see what a portfolio looks like when nearly all the asset classes are in balance.  Using a 20% threshold or target boundaries, all but international bonds and two blend asset classes are within the 20% limits.  I'm still debating whether or not I want to continue to hold mid-cap blend (VO) and small-cap blend (VB) as both … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 16 December 2011

This is the first showing of the new truncated performance data table.  While the portfolios took a hit as the market declined over the last several weeks, this latest update showed relative improvement when portfolios are measured against the ITA Index, a custom benchmark, and the VTSMX benchmark.  Portfolios reveling the greatest gains were: Curie, Kenilworth, Euclid, and … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance: 4 November 2011

Below is the performance table for the 21 portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  SR is the Sortino Ratio, IR represents the Information Ratio, and RR is our own Retirement Ratio.  I'm still in catchup mode so a number of portfolios are not current.  I will be working on updating all portfolios next week.  Readers will note the portfolios tracked using Captool … [Read More...]

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QPP Analysis of iShare ETFs Over Different Periods

Over the last few days I've posted a number of entries related to the "Delta Factor" (DF) analysis.  This flurry of DF articles came about as a result of questions tied to entry into the market.  If one is holding cash, when is a good time to begin investing that cash into equity and bond vehicles, be it individual stocks, index mutual funds, or index ETFs?  Readers … [Read More...]

Euclid ITA Risk Reduction Update

This was the weekend for the Euclid examination.  Here is a report of what happened.  First, take a look at the current Dashboard for this portfolio shown below.. … [Read More...]