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Active, Passive and Mosaic Investing

Mosaic As An Investing Style The subject of active vs. passive investing came up a few times on a forum where I'm active.  Readers know my inclination toward passive investing rather than an active investing style.  This link was cause for one of the discussion points as the "Intelligent Speculator" author speaks of "looking for high quality dividend stocks that help … [Read More...]

Dump Mutual Funds

Dump Actively Managed Mutual Funds On occasion I am asked if it is best to sell actively managed mutual funds and buy index ETFs, or is it better to make the switch gradually.  The answer is an easy one and it is - dump immediately.  In fact, with this high market now is an excellent time to cash out of actively managed mutual funds and move into index funds, particularly in tax … [Read More...]

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Asset Allocation Changes In The Madison Portfolio

With a number of asset classes below target, since dollars are on the sideline in cash, now is the time to rework the Strategic Asset Allocation plan of the Madison Portfolio.  The following Dashboard is a move to emulate the "Swensen Six" portfolio without adding individual stocks. … [Read More...]

Maxwell Portfolio Update: 9 October 2012

Since the last Maxwell update I sold and purchased a few shares in the blend areas to bring those asset classes back into balance.  Missing in the following dashboard is a recent purchase of VNQ, bringing REITs back into balance. … [Read More...]

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Gauss Portfolio: Updated Dashboard Reflecting Risk Reduction Model

The Gauss Portfolio is now ready for a 30-Day nap.  With all the critical ETFs above their 195-Day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs), all required purchases were made this morning.  The following Dashboard shows the asset classes are in balance. … [Read More...]

Alternative Portfolio: Increasing Allocation to PAAIX

Last week I published two portfolios that included the private equity ETF, PSP.  Here are links to the first and the second portfolios.  In the following portfolio, the allocation to PAAIX is moved up to 24% in hopes of pulling down portfolio volatility.  The assumptions in this analysis are identical to the previous two portfolios.  I did include last Friday's data in this … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” for Bond ETFs

A week to ten days ago I promised to run a "Delta Factor" analysis on the bond ETFs we use in a variety of portfolios.  One Platinum member requested CSJ be included in the analysis and here it is in the following screen shot. … [Read More...]

Euclid Portfolio Review

Another month rolled around and it is once more time to check in on the Euclid, one of the five ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios.  As mentioned in a comment earlier this week, DBC, VEU and VWO are priced below their 195-Day EMAs unless something drastic happens after I have this blog post written.  … [Read More...]