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Suggestions On How To Use ITA Wealth Management

  Using This Blog Getting started in a blog as complex as ITA Wealth Management takes time for a new user, particularly a Platinum member.  Here are a few hints that will benefit all users. When you first log on, check the Comments section to see if any new additions were posted since you last connected. If you are signed up for the RSS for Comments, then you will be notified via … [Read More...]

ITA Risk Reduction Followers

Early this morning I ran through the primary ETFs used to populate most portfolios and only commodities and gold are in the doghouse.  That is, DBC and GTU are currently priced below their 195-Day Exponential Moving average.  To see what this looks like, here is the link for DBC, our primary commodity holding. Portfolios managed using the ITARR model are out of gold and commodities.  I may hold … [Read More...]

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“Creme List” for 29 July 2011

Photograph:  Santiago, Spain (Represents current feelings in America) This week the "Creme List" is a shorter group of stocks with only 18 companies surviving the weak market.  AGL, CL, TOT, and WFC were wiped from the list as none of these companies cracked the elite list for the last 13 weeks. … [Read More...]

AAII ETF Portfolio Analysis

In the November 2011 issue of the AAII Journal is a Model ETF Portfolio.  I've been a member of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) since the mid-1970s and it is a great organization.  In each publication, I generally find one or two articles of interest.  Anytime I see a sample portfolio I like to run an analysis to see what the QPP is telling me.  … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance Update

This week ended on a strong note with the broad market VTI up over 2% on the day.  However, that move was insufficient to pull the Maxwell and Euclid portfolios into positive territory. Portfolios available to Platinum members continue to do well when measured against the VTSMX benchmark. Only the Kenilworth is lagging and those numbers are exaggerated due to the short period this … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance: 2 December 2011

This past week was a very good one in absolute terms or when comparing with historical data as nearly all portfolios gained ground.  In other words, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) showed improvement.  However, all portfolios lost yardage when compared with the VTSMX benchmark.  It must be noted that dividends and the most recent trades are not included in the results as only the … [Read More...]

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Risk Avoidance the Mebane T. Faber Way

Managing risk is a significant component of portfolio management.  We monitor risk through the Sortino and Retirement Ratios within the TLH spreadsheet, but we do not use the TLH as a technical analysis tool.  It is not designed to perform those functions.  This morning I pulled Matt Willson's article off Seeking Alpha.  Within the article is a reference to Mebane T. … [Read More...]

Three-Year QPP Analysis for Equity ETFs

Now that you have had a few hours to digest the prior blog post where I used four years of historical data, the following table uses the "default" period of three years.  What a difference one year makes.  I've only seen this much "blood" when the market was at or near a peak. … [Read More...]