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QPP View of Twenty ETFs

Here is a QPP view of the twenty ETFs mentioned in the prior blog post.  I'll likely optimize these ETFs later.   … [Read More...]

Sixteen ETF Portfolio

Low Risk Sample Portfolio Below is a modest sixteen (16) ETF portfolio that covers all the basic asset classes. The portfolio is projected to perform at a rate approximately 1% greater than the S&P 500 with a lower risk. The Diversification Metric (DM) at 37% is just a tad below our goal of 40%. With a little tweaking, would could likely elevate the DM. However, we need to keep in mind these … [Read More...]

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Alternative Number One Portfolio

Photograph: Arch in St. Louis - captured by Tom Bishop of Denver. In the following portfolio, slight adjustments are introduced.  First, I made the correction of using VO instead of VOE.  EXCEL™ automatically filled in the "E" when I intended to use the mid-cap blend ETF, VO.  In this allocation arrangement, U.S. Fixed Income, BND, is reduced from 17% to 12%.  … [Read More...]

Recent Piotroski Stocks

Platinum members following the Gauss Portfolio are aware that I have been adding "Piotroski Stocks" to this portfolio if any met all nine standards.  The stock is then held so long is it maintains a ranking of seven or higher.  The two stocks recently added to the Gauss were CRAI and PFIN.  Currently, only CRAI should be in the portfolio as it still carries a ranking of nine (9).  PFIN dropped … [Read More...]

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Second Retirement Rule: Know Your Requirements

While there is no question about Rule #1 of following The Golden Rule of Investing, all rules thereafter could come in any order.  The second one I've selected is to know your retirement requirements.  How much will you need monthly to live comfortably?  It is not unusual to hear a figure of 80% of your last salary.  I would set that as a minimum figure.  If your last annual salary was $70,000 per … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance: 13 May 2011

Since the last performance update, most of the portfolios gained ground when compared to the ITA Index, our customized benchmark.  However, nearly all portfolios lost ground to the VTSMX benchmark.  These minor losses can be explained by the strength of the U.S. equities market when compared to portfolios that are diversified with investments from all over the globe. A new portfolio, … [Read More...]

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Basic Portfolio Updated

What a difference one day makes in a down market.  Just yesterday (Aug. 15th data), SHY occupied position 11 and today only five ETFs are outperforming this reference as it moved up to position 6.  Check the ranking worksheet below. This material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

Delta Factor: A First Look

Delta Factor: First Draft The question of when to buy or sell an ETF comes up frequently.  I've been working on this problem for a year or more and still do not have a definitive answer.  Perhaps there is no right answer, only one of probabilities.  Below is a data table of my first draft effort to quantize whether or not it is time to Buy, Hold, or Sell the primary ETFs.  … [Read More...]