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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving   ITA Wealth Management wishes all readers a peaceful Thanksgiving. … [Read More...]

Lost My Spouse – Part IV

  Conservative Portfolio for Living Spouse   The probability of losing a spouse is much greater after retiring than before retirement.  It is simply a matter of age.  Further, assume the person still living is less informed about investing than the deceased person.  Advanced age and not too savvy about investments is a combination that calls for a very conservative … [Read More...]

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Closer Examination of the ITA Index

What are the weaknesses in the ITA Index?  While the ITA Index is a major step forward in meeting all the qualifications of portfolio benchmarking, it does contain flaws.  The concept is sound, but the way it is handled within the TLH Spreadsheet is not completely accurate.  To understand the weaknesses requires the reader to "get into weeds" of the details of how the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) … [Read More...]

Curie Portfolio Preparation

In preparation for the Curie Portfolio review we take a brief look at the current efficient frontier situation and the Buy-Hold-Sell ranking filter recommendations. Efficient Frontier:  With improved asset allocation we should be able to lift the return of the Curie about 150 basis points.  The current Curie is the diamond dot and the red dot is the optimized portfolio. … [Read More...]

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Playing Defense With The “Holy Grail” Portfolio

While there is no such thing as a "Holy Grail" portfolio, humor me for a few minutes and think of this simple seven ETF portfolio as a sound basic portfolio. The purpose of this post is to test how one might play portfolio defense and when is such a move necessary.  First, we take a look at the current QPP analysis for this seven ETF portfolio. Platinum membership is available for … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance: 16 December 2011

This is the first showing of the new truncated performance data table.  While the portfolios took a hit as the market declined over the last several weeks, this latest update showed relative improvement when portfolios are measured against the ITA Index, a custom benchmark, and the VTSMX benchmark.  Portfolios reveling the greatest gains were: Curie, Kenilworth, Euclid, and … [Read More...]

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New Feature: ETF Evaluation Model

ETFs Positioned to Buy The following data table is something new, although I did mention the possibility I would be putting together such an ETF evaluation.  In the following table I've combined a number of variables such as the 195-Day EMA and Chaikin Money Flow and quantized them into a percentage that you see in the right-hand column.  Platinum membership available for $5.00 per … [Read More...]

Potential Risk Reduction Moves For Einstein Portfolio Analysis

As a precursor to the review for the Einstein Portfolio due tomorrow, what moves, if any, are likely.  Keep in mind that the Einstein is not one of the five portfolios in the ITA Risk Reduction model experiment.  Nevertheless, we don't want to stand by and lose capital. … [Read More...]