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Grandchildren: Pay Attention

Photograph: Main gate to the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Over the next two weeks I will be posting ten ideas that ITA Wealth Managment readers should pass on to their grandchildren if not their children.  Most of these suggestions are a review for long-time ITA Wealth Management readers.  However, they still merit review as these ideas are fundamental to successful … [Read More...]

ITA Wealth Management: An Investment Blog For Serious Investors

ITA Wealth Management is a blog that espouses the virtues of saving, living a modest life-style, index investing, asset allocation, value loading, and portfolio rebalancing.  Readers coming to this blog understand the importance of saving and living a modest life-style.  If not, search for "The Golden Rule of Investing."  Index investing, particularly when it comes to … [Read More...]

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Monthly Portfolio Review For Einstein Portfolio: 25 July 2011

Reviewing portfolios such as the Einstein can be considered a tedious task, or one might accept it as a challenge to see if one can improve the asset allocation plan.  A change is coming to this portfolio.  Platinum readers will note the change in the Dashboard worksheet as I am preparing to add international bonds to the Einstein.  Where will the percentage come from to populate … [Read More...]

Smartest Medium-High Risk Portfolio

With this analysis of the medium-high risk portfolio, we leap over the medium risk portfolio found at this site. The medium-high risk portfolio limits the bond/income asset class to 20%.  Remember, we began with 80% allocated to the bond asset class, moved to 60%, then 40% and now 20% or something similar to what we hold in many portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management. Note the … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 25 November 2011

The weekly performance data is presented in the table below.  While it was another down week on an absolute scale, most of the portfolios performed rather well.  Only the Einstein lost ground with respect to the VTSMX benchmark.  Those holding even were the Schrodinger, Kepler, and Bohr.  Portfolios that picked up at least a tenth of a percentage point on the VTSMX were the … [Read More...]

Asset Allocation Performance Data

Portfolio Performance Below is the performance data table for the portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management. If the percentages seem exaggerated, note the launch time as young portfolios will show unusual results. Over time the higher percentages will begin to migrate toward values of the VTSMX benchmark. Readers should pay attention to the Sortino Ratio (SR) and Retirement Ratio (RR) as … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: Mixed Reactions To Financial Cliff

While there were no major offensive-defensive shifts in the major indexes, there were a few changes within sectors of the market. The following data tables provide detailed information on the changes. Bullish Percent Indicators for Indexes: Both the NYSE and DJIA indexes improved numerically this past week although neither index showed sufficient strength to move from a defensive position to an … [Read More...]

Delta Factor and Stocks of Interest

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the "Delta Factor" would tell us for a group of stocks that show up with a "Buy" signal on my Watch List or 150 stocks.  Without a lot of comment, below is a list of stocks that are priced for purchase based on the pricing models I use within the Watch List.  Extracting only those stocks, I ran them through the "Delta … [Read More...]