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High Dynamic Range Photography

The image of a neighborhood house is my first effort at HDR photography.  Expect to see more HDR images later this summer. … [Read More...]

Do Fundamental Index ETFs Have A Place In ITA Portfolios?

Fundamental ETFs If you have never heard of fundamental index ETFs you might want to read Robert D. Arnott's book, The Fundamental Index: A Better Way to Invest.  Jason C. Hsu and John M. West are co-authors.  Check out this link to find out a bit more as to how these ETFs are constructed.  Rob Arnott's creditability in the world of investing and ETFs in particular is considerable.  This Seeking … [Read More...]

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Dividend Stocks

Platinum members who use individual stocks as part of their portfolio construction materials will find this list of dividend stocks of interest. The first screen shot defines the screens used to come up with these companies. … [Read More...]

Kepler Portfolio Update: 13 March 2012

Another month rolls around for the Kepler Portfolio and all is going well.  Once more we begin by examining the Dashboard, the worksheet extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet.  The Dashboard is the Strategic Asset Allocation plan for the portfolio.  All seventeen asset classes are used to fill out the asset allocation program for this portfolio. Platinum members will note the tilt … [Read More...]

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Retirement Requirements

Fidelity Investments came out with a study showing that retirees need approximately eight times their last salary level to be properly prepared for retirement.  For example, if one is earning $60,000 at age 65, $480,000 is the retirement base line.  Frankly, I think the number eight is too low.  There are a number of ways to determine what the retirement savings level should be and … [Read More...]

Swensen Six With & Without Stocks

Benefits to Super Charging Portfolio With Stocks Two portfolios are displayed below.  In the first we have a portfolio made up of only six ETFs.  I call this the Swensen Six. To point out some critical features, note the projected average annual return of 7.89% or 7.9% rounded.  This is based in the assumption the S&P 500 will return an average annual return of 7.0%. The … [Read More...]

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Where Are We With The Technical Indicators?

About all I can say about this volatile market comes from Peanuts.  Good Grief!  If I were King, I would cool off market volatility by accessing a small tax on every share traded and not held for fewer than 30 days.  We could balance the national budget and begin to pay off the national debt -- and do it on the backs of those who are able to most afford it.  Since this is … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators Take Hit

As projected for a number of weeks, the market finally took a breather and retraced this past week.  The evidence is clear when one examines the index and sector tables. Index BPIs:  We find every index below the 70% line or what we think of as an overbought condition.  While we are not rooting for the market to decline, we are well aware that it cannot maintain those lofty heights for an … [Read More...]