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Please Turn Off CNBC!

CNBC is only a place holder for all types to Wall Street media hype.  Eschew information that is designed to keep you unsettled, nervous, and makes you feel as if you are doing something wrong and change is necessary.  Too much investment information is not necessarily a good thing for portfolio management.  If financial news sources had your best interests in mind, you would find them so boring … [Read More...]

Grand Tetons – Yellowstone – Glacier: A Slide Show

Make sure your subwoofer is working and all programs shutdown so you can view this YouTube slide show of my recent photographic trip to Wyoming and Montana.  Here is the link to the show.  Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYu3vqDpFiA&sns=fb If you enjoyed this show of the Grand Tetons, perhaps you also have an interest in Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Arches.  Check out … [Read More...]

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Analysis of Suggested Portfolio

At the suggestion of an ITA reader, below is the QPP analysis of a potential portfolio.  This sample portfolio is made up of investment vehicles I find both familiar and unfamiliar.  ALT and RALS do not have three-year records so that will throw off the analysis.  Investments with insufficient records generally result in higher than expected projected returns and lower than actual … [Read More...]

Curie Portfolio Update: 21 December 2011

After making minor adjustments in the Strategic Asset Allocation plan, I picked up shares of VB and RWX for the Curie Portfolio.  These few shares brought Small-Cap Blend (SCB) into balance, but we are still several hundred shares below target with International REITs.  One reason for not purchasing more RWX has to do with the large price differential between the current price and the … [Read More...]

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Low Risk Retirement Portfolio

Yesterday, I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha and one reader suggested a simple portfolio where equal percentages be allocated to VTI, GLD, SHY, and TLT.  Exactly what does such a portfolio look like when a Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) analysis is applied?  What does the correlation matrix look like and would such a portfolio work as one prepares for retirement?  The following … [Read More...]

ITA Portfolio Performance: 26 May 2012

While the individual portfolios increased in value this week, nearly all lost ground with respect to both the ITA Index and VTSMX benchmarks.  That is to be expected any time the market moves up considering that many of the portfolios are out of a number of asset classes and in cash or other income generating instruments.  Portfolios such as the Curie, Newton, Schrodinger, Einstein and … [Read More...]

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Monthly Review of Gauss Portfolio

Reviewing the Gauss Portfolio this month is a bit different since I made some tactical asset allocation changes.  If you examine the Dashboard (extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet) you will note a few changes.  As a result of the changes, the asset allocation plan appears to be a bit "bloody."  That should change by next month as I have a number of limit orders in place … [Read More...]

Understanding Feynman Portfolio Study Part 6-4

The following material is presented as an example to make sure I, and other readers, understand the significance and method of implementation for the Feynman Portfolio.  I am going to choose a different set of assets so I am not duplicating the example put forth in Part 6-4. Ranking of ETFs:  Here we have a list of possible securities to invest in a portfolio.  Using SHY as the "cutoff" we have … [Read More...]