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Ethical Investing: The Active or Passive Approach

  The Ethical Dilemma Back on December 16th I wrote about the first of five fundamental decisions one makes to become a successful investor.  Readers of the ITA Wealth Management blog will recall the first decision is "The Do-It-Yourself Decision."  Will you manage your own money or will you hire a professional to do it for you?  Obviously, we favor the side of … [Read More...]

Is There An Investment Style That Is Truly Passive?

We read a lot about active vs. passive investing, and mixed into that discussion is index investing.  About four months ago I wrote a series of articles on this very subject where I was rebutting an Internet article.  On this blog I track eleven portfolios that run the gamut from passive to mosaic to active.  To understand each, it helps to go back to Harold Evensky's … [Read More...]

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Newton Portfolio Review: 6 October 2011

While it is a little early to update the Newton Portfolio, shares of NLY were purchased and shares of SDS were sold this week.  Those changes did little to change the asset allocation as shown in the Dashboard worksheet below. … [Read More...]

Professionally Managed Portfolio vs. Self-Managed Portfolio

Managed Index vs. Self-Managed Portfolio   The following material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. I suspect many of us consider finding a good financial advisor to manage our portfolios so we have one less chore to attend to.  Others get enjoyment managing their assets.  I’m trying to manage my portfolio so my spouse, who takes no interest in … [Read More...]

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Kenilworth Portfolio Review: 11 November 2011

Portfolio review time is here again for the Kenilworth.  As usual, we first examine the Dashboard to see which asset classes need attention and why.  Below is the worksheet extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet. … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance Update

With the significant drop on Thursday of this week, I wanted to see how the various portfolios survived the 3/10 downdraft.  Below is the performance data table, and for the most part, the various portfolios held up quite well.  The IRR values for the portfolios updated through 3/10/11 are conservative for several reasons.  The March dividends are missing from many of the … [Read More...]

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Bohr On April 30th: Example of New Spreadsheet

This is a sneak preview of the new optimizer-momentum spreadsheet David created today.  The data is what the Bohr portfolio looked like at the end of April.  Some trades occurred in May and those will show up when the Bohr is updated in a little less than a week. Efficient Frontier:  The efficient frontier looks the same as before.  Readers familiar with this graph will not the Bohr Portfolio … [Read More...]

Sortino Ratio: Revised Calculation

Platinum members likely picked up my reference on the new Sortino Ratio (SR) calculation in the comments section.  When you first log on to ITA Wealth Management, be sure to check for the latest comments or better still, sign up for a comments RSS.  What is changing with the SR calculation? … [Read More...]