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Introducing New Sector Security

I'm introducing a new sector security to a number of portfolios even though I have yet to purchase any shares.  I want this "arrow in my investing quiver" just in case I decide to add shares to the portfolio.  I came upon this unique ticker while reading a financial journal.  Here is the ticker symbol and what it is designed to do. This material is not available for publication elsewhere on the … [Read More...]

Dividend Investors: Article of Interest

Dividend investors may find this article of interest. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2907636-dividend-aristocrats-12-highest-yielding-stocks-for-retirement If you have not visited the "new" ITA Wealth Management site, please check it out at this link.  Consider a Platinum membership for full access. http://itawealth.com   … [Read More...]

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Mosaic Portfolio Lookback – September 30, 2008

Bear Market Analysis of 2008 Investors with a memory of 2008 know that desperation was in everyone's mind.  How far could the market decline and when would it stop?  Continuing with our look-back theme, what information can we glean from the QPP analysis and what were the Delta Index signals? There is nothing I can see in the following data that throws up any warning flags and we … [Read More...]

Preparing For The Newton Update

Tomorrow is review and update day for the Newton portfolio.  Numerous changes are taking place within the Newton as I am attempting to simplify the portfolio by reducing the number of holdings.  Several individual stocks were sold out of the portfolio as well as several under performing ETFs.  As a result, this portfolio now holds over $200,000 in cash.  Over the next several months I plan to … [Read More...]

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Risk Adjusted vs. Capitalization Asset Allocation Portfolio Construction

Is it better to construct a portfolio based on allocating assets around capitalization divisions or is one better off using a risk adjusted platform?  The following two screen shots show the details of these two approaches to portfolio construction.  In each case I am using ten ETFs that provide worldwide diversity.  Four years of historical data goes into the following Quantext … [Read More...]

Asset Allocation and Benchmarking Portfolio

A few days ago I read the following comment.  I did not question the reasoning behind this statement.  "Calculating return is relatively pointless if you are investing in indices." While the point of not calculating the portfolio return may make sense for the investor who selects one or two broad index funds for their complete portfolio, it lacks sound reasoning for … [Read More...]

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Watching Prices and 195-Day EMAs

I've been tracking or at least observing the prices of the eight critical ETFs and their respective 195-Day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) and was relieved to see the upticks today. The Madison is up for review this weekend and based on the closing numbers, I can place this portfolio on automatic pilot for another month.  That leaves the Gauss to be evaluated at the end of the … [Read More...]

Monthly Review of Gauss Portfolio

Reviewing the Gauss Portfolio this month is a bit different since I made some tactical asset allocation changes.  If you examine the Dashboard (extracted from the TLH Spreadsheet) you will note a few changes.  As a result of the changes, the asset allocation plan appears to be a bit "bloody."  That should change by next month as I have a number of limit orders in place … [Read More...]