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Avoiding The Wash Sale

With developed international market (VEU) and emerging market (VWO) ETFs sinking in price, there may be buying opportunities sometime this summer or early in the fall.  With this in mind, and wanting to avoid the wash sale problem, I looked up TD Ameritrade to see if they offered EFA and EEM, similar ETFs to VEU and VWO, as commission free ETFs.  They don't so it will not be possible … [Read More...]

Keep It Simple

Don't be surprised if you don't know the difference between a benchmark ETF and a strategic ETF.  Strategic is sometimes called "Fundamental" or "Active" and they differ from the ETFs we recommend for our ITA portfolios.  To read more about the differences, check out the URL referenced below. … [Read More...]

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Growth: Portfolio #5

Moving one step closer to increasing the projected return, this post is about the Growth Portfolio, number 5 out of 6 in this series.  Bond and income is reduced to 16% in this portfolio so it is definitely tilting toward the aggressive side of investing.  Two ETFs, BND and IEF are eliminated from this portfolio as we will concentrate our income holdings in TIP and TLT. Platinum … [Read More...]

High Yield Investments Fall Short of Goals

From a discussion on Seeking Alpha, a list of high yield investments were suggested for QPP analysis.  While a number of the suggestions lacked three-years of data, the following seven high yield investments met all the qualifications for analysis.  Below are the projections for this list of tickers.  HYG and JNK are part of many portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth … [Read More...]

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Weekly Portfolio Performance Update: 27 April 2012

The good news is that every portfolio increased in value this week.  The bad news is that all but one portfolio (Maxwell) lost ground relative to the benchmarks.  Two factors played into this scenario.  1) International markets continue to lag the U.S. Equities market.  2) Growth equities are performing better than value and that hurts our portfolios since we skew the Strategic … [Read More...]

Ranking Vanguard’s Sector ETFs

One of the portfolios up for review this week is the Gauss.  In preparation for that update I'm looking for ways to improve the performance of this portfolio as it still lags the VTSMX benchmark.  I thought I would rank the Vanguard sector ETFs (minus VNQ) to see if there are any potential "momentum" ETFs among this group.  Below is the latest ranking. Sector Rankings:  The financial (VFH) ETF … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” Projections for Bond ETFs

"Delta Factor" projections for bond ETFs are grim for the next few months.  All but BWX are negative in the Delta column.  SHV only rounds to zero as it is also negative.  While a number of bonds are showing a "Delta Factor" of Hold, the bias or tilt is definitely down as shown by the Delta column.  The general prediction is to hold these ETFs with great … [Read More...]

“New Normal” Portfolio Revised

Photograph:  Cape Mears Lighthouse.  This is the lighthouse that was shot up by vandals a few years ago.  Although repairs were made, the lighthouse will never be the same as Fresnel lenses of this size and quality of glass are irreplaceable. The creator of the "New Normal" portfolio sent me the latest holdings so here is the revised Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) … [Read More...]