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Review of John Bogle Book

Larry Swedroe, one of our favorite investment authors, writes a brief review of John Bogle's latest book.  Click here to see this review. … [Read More...]

Music Recommendation for Week of April 14

My first recommendation for this week was Masters of the Trumpet until I saw that only used copies are available on Amazon, and the cost is excessive.  If you are able to secure this CD from another source, I highly recommend it.  Moving on to another excellent choice is a complete recording of Johannes Brahms symphonies.  There are many choices of these symphonies and my recommendation is only … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Rebalancing: Essential or Overrated

Portfolio rebalancing is as old as asset allocation and it is one of the cardinal rules of portfolio management.  It is an action or discipline used by money managers to keep the percentages of the various asset class within stated target limits.  Rebalancing policies assure the investor that the portfolio continues to be well diversified.  If one never rebalances the market will … [Read More...]

Schrodinger Portfolio Review: 2 September 2011

The Schrodinger was not scheduled for an update for a few weeks, but it has been some time since I last reported on this passively managed portfolio.  This portfolio is operated in contrast to what I plan for the Maxwell and Euclid portfolios.  Little attention is paid to the Schrodinger other than keeping the asset class close or in balance with the target percentages.  Otherwise, … [Read More...]

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Is It Fair To Compare Performance Results Of Different Portfolios?

Is it fair to compare performance results of different portfolios?  ITA Platinum members have see a number of comparisons on this blog and I plan to publish more results.  However, there are inherent problems when it comes to portfolio performance comparisons.  Let me list a few as it is important to keep in mind these problems. 1) When selecting a sample portfolio from a web site … [Read More...]

Portfolio Performance – 14 January 2011

  Portfolio Performance Below is the Portfolio Performance data table for this week.  Overall, the seven updated portfolios gained a little ground on the benchmarks as well as the SR and RR return/risk ratios.  In one case, the portfolio pulled ahead of the benchmark, but showed a decline in the SR and RR values.  That event is rather unusual, but it does occur.  … [Read More...]

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Potential Risk Reduction Moves For Einstein Portfolio Analysis

As a precursor to the review for the Einstein Portfolio due tomorrow, what moves, if any, are likely.  Keep in mind that the Einstein is not one of the five portfolios in the ITA Risk Reduction model experiment.  Nevertheless, we don't want to stand by and lose capital. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators Update: 7 September 2012

Despite the strong market today, several sectors and one index handed the ball over to the defense.  Check the tables to see which areas of the market moved from X's in the right-hand column over to O's. … [Read More...]