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Sellwood Bridge Movement Begins

Residents of Portland are interested in the move of the old Sellwood Bridge, one of many bridges that span the Willamette River.  Here is the link to what is going on. http://www.sellwoodbridge.org/?p=construction-camera The old bridge will be moved on to new pilings and will then be used while the new bridge is under construction for the next two years.  The old bridge will eventually … [Read More...]

Mosaic Investor

Mosaic Investing: A third investing style, and one not frequently mentioned in academic literature, is a combination of passive, index, and active management. I call it the Mosaic investing approach. Mosaic investors will fit somewhere along the broad continuum of all investing styles. A Mosaic investor may construct a portfolio around a core of index funds with a particular asset allocation tilt. … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Management Suggestions

Before outlining portfolio management suggestions, I'm assuming ITA readers have a savings and investment plan in effect.  For saving suggestions, search for "The Golden Rule of Investing" and related topics.  There are a number of blog entries related to preparing for retirement, and the earlier one begins retirement planning the better. After establishing a savings plan, … [Read More...]

Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM) YouTube Presentations

Platinum members using the Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM) spreadsheet will find two help sessions at this address. http://www.youtube.com/user/Physlab Look for Momentum-Optimization and Momentum-Optimization Part 2.  Keep in mind that the resolution is not the greatest when viewing material on YouTube.  At least the Camtasia recordings are not as sharp as I prefer. Lowell   … [Read More...]

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Does the Stock/Bond Ratio Make Any Difference?

Do you remember the following quote from this blog post? "The CFP said the $250k should be invested across different asset classes but the stock to bond ratio doesn't really seem to affect the outcome. I was quite skeptical about that last comment." To answer the question or the assertion that the stock to bond ratio does not affect the outcome, I set up a total bond portfolio … [Read More...]

Sample Portfolio For The Mosaic Investor

Investors who use a few individual stock will be interested in the following portfolio suggested by a reader.  By Mosaic, I mean an investor who uses an array of index ETFs (or index funds) and then sprinkles in some individual stocks. QPP Analysis of Suggested Portfolio:  In this analysis the S&P 500 is assumed to grow at an annual rate of 7.0% so this portfolio is projected to outperform … [Read More...]

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“Delta Factor” for Sector Portfolio

What is the "Delta Factor" projecting for the eleven sectors of the market?  Based on recent analysis, the international market is over bought.  Is the same true for the U.S. Equities market? Checking out the data table below, three years of historical data indicate the same over bought condition exists for the U.S. market. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators Update: 5 April 2013

We are finally beginning to see weakness in several markets, not that this is a desired outcome.  However, with most of the major markets and sectors at "nose bleed" levels, it is only a matter of time before cracks begin to show.  That time has come, although it is still very minor.  Here is the evidence. The following material is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]