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Overcoming Fear of Investing

Conquer Fear of Investing   Investing is a deep mystery and I am completely lost. Are you lost or just not interested?  In either case, start simply. Read the Beginning Investors posts found in the Categories section on the right sidebar. I'm afraid I will lose money. Don't jump into the market with all your savings.  Dollar cost average and invest a modest sum every month … [Read More...]

Solving Investment Problem #2: I don’t know where to begin.

For readers or prospective investors who don't know where to begin, one place to start is to click on the Category to the right titled, Beginning Investors.  My second recommendation is to read two short books.  The two easiest investment books that will put you on the right path are: "The Investment Answer" by Daniel Goldie and Gordan Murray and "The Elements of … [Read More...]

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Kenilworth Portfolio Review: 21 February 2012

While it is a few days early to update the Kenilworth Portfolio, based on the current ETF prices and their respective 195-Day EMAs, nothing is likely to happen over the next few weeks let alone the next three days.  Here is the link to the StockCharts graphs we use for the ITA Risk Reduction model.  The following two screen shots show the Dashboard and Portfolio Performance data for the … [Read More...]

Kenilworth Portfolio Review

In late May, shares of TLT were sold out of the Kenilworth and replaced with shares of VTV, our large-cap value asset class.  This moved the emphasis toward U.S. Equities and further away from U.S. Bonds.  The optimizer is quite negative on bonds and I consider this to be the correct call as interest rates are beginning to rise and that is bad news for bonds.  The other change in June was to pick … [Read More...]

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Portfolio Performance: 3 June 2011

Measuring Portfolio Performance You cannot manage what you do not measure.  How true.  These portfolio performance data tables are all about portfolio management, measurement, and monitoring.  The table shown below does not include current updates for all portfolios tracked using the Captool software.  I plan to take care of that early next week. Looking over the portfolios … [Read More...]

Keeping It Simple

Investors wishing to keep their portfolio as simple as possible, yet obtain global diversification, can do it with no more than three ETFs. 1.  VTI will cover all U.S. Equities. 2.  VEU is the all-world except U.S. international ETF.  This ETF provides the global exposure we require, even for a very simple portfolio. 3.  BND, or an all bond ETF provides a diversifier or risk … [Read More...]

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Bullish Percent Indicators: 3 November 2012

A few more changes developed this past week in both index and sector Bullish Percent Indicators.  In some cases the market strengthened while in others it weakened.  As you look over the tables, ask yourself if you see any particular trends. … [Read More...]

Bullish Percent Indicators For Week of November 30, 2012

Faced with an over abundance of financial uncertainty, one would not expect major indexes to strengthen.  But that is exactly what happened this week.  Several market sectors also moved from a defensive position over to offense.  This could be a one-week happening as the so called "financial cliff" is coming closer.  Here is the link to all the data. In my opinion, the NYSE index carries the … [Read More...]