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Stock Market Value vs. GNP

Are stocks priced fairly? Check out Warren Buffett's stock market value vs. GNP at this site. Once on the site, click on this link to see the graph. While stocks are not overly cheap, the market, according to this theory is priced about where it was back in 1971. … [Read More...]

Stay Attentive to Coming Posts

Weekend Activities 1) Look for the "Creme List" of stocks to be posted soon after the market closes today. 2) The business month closes today and if all goes well, TDAmeritrade will have their monthly statements available before the market opens on Monday. This permits TLH spreadsheet users the opportunity to balance the portfolio data with the broker statement. I don't know if … [Read More...]

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Kepler Portfolio Update: 10 July 2012

Kepler Portfolio Review for July The Kepler Portfolio review time is here and little action other than some cash flowing in and out of the portfolio took place over the last 30 days.  A number of dividends from BND, TLT, EMB, and TIP were recorded.  Although the Kepler is not one of the primary ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios, I am applying some of the timing techniques to various … [Read More...]

Curie Portfolio Update: 5 November 2011

Last week was the scheduled time for the Curie Portfolio update, but I was on a scenic road trip visiting the Redwoods of Northern California, Lassen National Park, and Lake Tahoe.  It was a beautiful drive and I will be sharing some photographs over the next few weeks.  Now it is time to get back to work.  Slowly, I will bring the Portfolio Performance data table up to date.  … [Read More...]

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Asset Allocation Example

In the table below, viewers see the asset classes discussed in a prior blog entry.  We are looking at fifteen asset classes, including Cash. In the second table the sample asset allocation is broken down into percentages and we cut out the Core holding, moving the number of asset classes to twelve. [Table=6] … [Read More...]

What ETFs To Use For Different Asset Classes

A question came up regarding what ETFs do we use for the different asset classes.  Below is a listing of the different asset classes and the primary, but not only, ETFs we use to populate the asset classes. … [Read More...]

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Top Core Stocks Analyzed Using QPP Plus Delta Factor Projections

Seeking top core stocks from investors who participate in the Growth Forum, the following analysis shows portfolio projections, the correlations within the portfolio, and the "Delta Stock" projections. QPP Analysis:  Nearly equal percentages are assigned to each stock.  The analysis spans five years and the S&P 500 is projected to grow 7.0% per year over the next few years.  Readers … [Read More...]

Preparing the Euclid and Maxwell for October

Platinum members tracking the discussion on Seasonal Timing Strategy (STS) are aware of an alert signal that will arrive on October 1st.  In preparation for that time I am positioning the Euclid and Maxwell portfolios to hold assets in seven different asst classes.  I was hoping to use IWM, but it is not among the TDAmeritrade commission free ETFs.  Here are the ETFs I plan to use … [Read More...]