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Franklin Portfolio Introduced

Several weeks ago I hinted at the possibility of tracking a new portfolio.  Today I am officially announcing the launch of the Franklin Portfolio.  Here at ITA Wealth Management, portfolios are named after scientists and presidents.  The Franklin Portfolio carries the name for several reasons.  While never president of the U.S., Benjamin Franklin was an important figure in … [Read More...]

Are Stocks and Bonds Dead?

The November 26th issue of Time magazine carries an article by Rana Foroohar focusing on Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian, PIMCO executives, who are frequently quoted about the market outlook and reasons why they are both so pessimistic.  Gross and El-Erian don't differ all that much from Grantham's On The Road To Zero Growth projections. Quoting from the Time article, "Gross recently stunned … [Read More...]

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Piotroski High F & Dividend Stock Screens

Investors attempting to "super charge" their portfolios with a few highly selected stocks may be interested in the two screens shown in this blog post.  The first is the Piotroski High F-Score screen and the second is a dividend oriented screen. This blog post is not available for publication elsewhere and it is limited to Platinum members. … [Read More...]

Newton Portfolio Update: 13 August 2012

Since the last update I made minor changes to the Strategic Asset Allocation plan of the Newton Portfolio.  I lowered the percentage allocated to U.S. Equities and increased the percentage assigned to domestic real estate.  Since VNQ has been such a strong performer, that exchange increased the IRR value of the ITA Index.  The new asset allocation is shown in the Dashboard below. … [Read More...]

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Repositioning Madison Portfolio

ITA Wealth Management readers checking the latest Portfolio Performance* data table will observe that the Madison Portfolio is lagging the VTSMX benchmark.  In an effort to push this portfolio performance to a higher level, I am going to employ the ITA Risk Reduction (ITARR) model, or the same one being used for the Maxwell and Euclid portfolios.  This will require selling some current … [Read More...]

Risk-Parity Portfolio: What Is It And What Does A Risk Portfolio Look Like?

Reducing Risk Through Risk-Parity Risk-Parity: Have you heard of the term or seen reference to this style of portfolio construction?  Join the crowd if this is new to you, even though the Risk-Parity idea has been around for quite a few years.  Risk-Parity is an alternative approach to portfolio construction where assets are allocated based on risk rather than allocation according to … [Read More...]

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Maxwell Portfolio Examination: 5 May 2012

Tomorrow, May 6th, is the official day to update the Maxwell, but nothing is going to happen over the weekend so here is the May review of this portfolio.  Platinum readers know that the Maxwell is one of the five model portfolios for the ITA Risk Reduction experiment.  Below is the current Dashboard for the Maxwell. … [Read More...]

August “Delta Factor” Risk-Adjusted Portfolio For Interested Investors

What is a "Delta Factor" risk-adjusted portfolio and how is it constructed?  Rather than considering this as a potential portfolio for actual use, view it as an experimental portfolio.  Here are the steps I used to come up with this combination of ETFs. … [Read More...]