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Preparing For Next Week

Since blogs the size I use to convey rankings, buy-hold-sell recommendations, etc. are sufficiently large to crash the server housing my blog, I uploaded the information to another site for your viewing.  Here is the URL. … [Read More...]

Aggressive Growth: Portfolio #6

The Aggressive Growth Portfolio is the last in this series of sample portfolios.  We moved from the Ultra Capital Preservation where bonds and income ETFs made up the majority of the portfolio to this example where the bond asset class is peeled down to a mere 6% of the total portfolio. Platinum membership available for a low $5.00 per month.  This last sample portfolio in the … [Read More...]

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Euclid Update for 6 December 2012

Updating the Euclid resulted in setting a few limit orders to put available cash to work.  Limit orders were set to purchase shares of VOE, VBR, DBC, and VB.  Even though these asset classes are within target, I am trying to bring the current percentage holdings closer to the target percentages.  I also set a TSLO to sell shares of TIP as the Bond & Income asset class is above the 15% target.  … [Read More...]

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): A Cornerstone Stock

With new data available I thought it prudent to analyze JNJ, a stalwart of a company.  Johnson & Johnson was one of the requested stocks by a Platinum member and it is found in many portfolios due to its consistent performance over the years.  Where does it stand today? This information is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet. … [Read More...]

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What ETFs To Use For Different Asset Classes

A question came up regarding what ETFs do we use for the different asset classes.  Below is a listing of the different asset classes and the primary, but not only, ETFs we use to populate the asset classes. … [Read More...]

Searching for the Strategic Asset Allocation Holy Grail

Establishing a strategic asset allocation (SAA) plan for a portfolio requires at least two major decisions.  1) What asset classes should be included in the portfolio.  2) What percentage of the total portfolio is allocated to each asset class.  Decision number two is the more difficult of the two.  Where do I come up with the various asset allocation plans found in the various … [Read More...]

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VTI And The ITA Risk Reduction Model

At the request of a long-time Platinum member, I am going to examine a number of key ETFs used to populate specific asset classes in an effort to see how well the ITA Risk Reduction model worked over the last four months.  Keep in mind that no one ever stated that the ITARR model, or a variation such as the Faber-Richardson model, will work all the time, month after month.  Where the … [Read More...]

Sortino Worksheet: Review of How to Update the Sortino-Retirement Ratio Worksheet

We are in the middle of the month so those who are updating the Sortino Ratio (SR) worksheet inside the TLH Spreadsheet every two weeks will want to make the changes after the market closes today.  … [Read More...]