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Investment Resolutions for 2012

  2012 Resolutions As we are about to turn the page into 2012, it is worthwhile establishing or reexamining our investment goals.  We want to be able to keep these resolutions and many on the list are not new to readers of ITA Wealth Management.  So let's begin. 1.  Lay out an investment plan if you have not already done so.  Most readers of ITA already have a … [Read More...]

QPP Analysis of Faber Ivy Ten Portfolio

Yesterday I analyzed the Faber-Richardson Five portfolio found in The Ivy Portfolio.  In this post, Platinum members will find the QPP analysis of the Faber-Rickardson Ten.  I used the same five-year time frame so readers can compare the two results.  Improvements and negatives come with this expanded portfolio. While the projected return moves up to 8.2%, we give up risk as the … [Read More...]

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Einstein Portfolio Review

Last week I added a few shares of RWX, VWO, and EMB to the Einstein to bring a few asset classes into balance.  Other than the Bonds & Income asset class, this portfolio is now in balance. One Tactical Asset Allocation I will be making is to shift one percentage point from Small-Cap Growth over to Small-Cap Value.  i will use IWN for my Small-Cap Value ETF.  Another change is … [Read More...]

“Creme List” for 22 July 2011

Photograph: Demolishing a house down the street Twenty-one stocks made the elite list this week.  COH, CSCO, and HPQ were dropped as they did not score over the past thirteen weeks.  One new company moved on to the "Creme List" at number 13, quite a jump.  Only one stock is priced to buy and that stock is identified with the * symbol to the right of the ranking … [Read More...]

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Optimization Correction For 12 ETF Portfolio

Here are the following assumptions I used to create the portfolio shown below.  1)  The S&P 500 is assumed to grow at 7% per year.  This percentage is adjusted by setting the Delta Return to -3.3% inside the QPP software.  2) I used five years of data running from 2/6/2008 through 2/6/2013.  3) The Solver Parameters are listed below. The following material is not available for publication … [Read More...]

What Are The Disadvantages of Index Funds?

This morning I noticed a reader was searching for disadvantages associated with index funds, so I decided to do a little internet searching to find some of the drawbacks, if any.  As soon as one delves into this question, up pops the issue of passive vs. active investing.  Here are a few resources I located that deal with the question - are there disadvantages to using index funds?  I include … [Read More...]

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Modified Ivy Portfolio Risk Reduction Model Working

One year ago, motivated by the writings of Faber and Richardson in their book, The Ivy Portfolio, I set up one portfolio with the expressed purpose of employing a risk reduction model similar to that outlined in the book. About the same time I expanded the experiment to include four other portfolios I was tracking for relatives and friends. How is the experiment working? Before delving into the … [Read More...]

Seasonal Timing Strategy

As we approach the end of the month, review this blog entry I posted back on September 2nd.  Also run a search for Seasonal Timing Strategy to find more blog entries on this subject. … [Read More...]